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Global Owl Event (2009)

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Basic Information

On November 18th, Mabinogi will be holding a very special event. An event so special, in fact, that it will be held simultaneously with Mabinogi servers in Japan, China, North America and Taiwan!

So what is this exciting event? When you first log in, you'll meet Nao. She'll ask you to care for her baby owls. If you agree, you'll get your own baby owl and some special owl feed. Each time you feed the sparkling white owl, you'll get a stamp in your baby owl journal. Once you've accumulated the required amount of stamps, click the Complete button in the journal and you'll be duly rewarded! The happy baby owl will then return to Nao.

You'll have a chance to care for Nao's owls every real-time day, so be sure to log in and participate in this Global Event!

Also, in addition to the Global Owl Event, players who are logged in on Saturday November 21 and Sunday November 22 by 4:00pm PST (7:00pm EST) will receive a special item... just for logging in! Make sure to claim your own prize and be logged in at this time![1]

Nao will send you food every hour. The owl needs to be fed 4 times a day. The Baby Owl Birdcage takes up 2x2 in your inventory. It can be put into bags but not into pets. You cannot trade the cage. The food arrives via a small box on the right hand of your screen that says "It's time to feed the Baby Owl" and has a flashing feed button. Once you feed the owl, it opens up the "Baby Owl Journal" and shows you a stamp.


  • There is no apparent time limit for feeding the owl, the feeding message box will remain for hours, until the button is pressed. However, the timer for feeding the owl won't reset until you actually feed it, so you can't just go away for four hours, come back, feed it four times, and be done.
  • You can run RP dungeons such as the Spirit Dungeon or Tarlach's Locket dungeons with no penalty. However you will only be able to feed it when you leave the dungeon if you are in past your hour.
  • If you have more than one character on your account you can get one owl for each of your characters per real time day. However you still need to wait the hour to feed the owl on that specific character logged in as that character.
  • The event day restarts at midnight PST, just like it would for Escape bombs but unlike advance play items.


  • Changing channels or logging out and back in will reset the time to the next feeding back to one hour.
  • You will not get another Owl by relogging or changing channels if you complete the Event, or if you destroy the owl cage.


Rare and exclusive event items are in bold.