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Nexon-logo.png This article contains contents that are not official.
The following information has not been officially released by Nexon America and is original work of an author or authors.
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Camp Sharing: The process of sharing food with others sitting around a campfire. You can do this only by sitting near the fire close enough to get the "The fire feels very warm" message. While sitting with others right click the food you want to eat/share and click eat/use, a small window will come up with "Yes", "No", "Cancel" buttons to choose from. If you do not wish to share the food and eat it yourself, click "No", if you wish to do nothing with the food click "Cancel", and finally to share with others click "Yes". Another window will appear if you click "Yes", this will allow you to put in a note/message to all the people around the campfire when they recieve the food. When other members recieve the food they will get the note whether or not they choose to actually eat the food.

Cichol: A god which governs Fomors.


Dark Knight

Deadly: The state of your character having a skull below his or her health bar, this happens when you would normally be knocked out, it is the same as your health being in the negatives, except you're still alive. The negative health that you have in this state is unknown unless you know exactly how much you were hit by. The higher your willpower the more likely you will be given this 'second chance'. You can recover from this state by resting or using potions, but your health does not start recovering at 0; instead it will recover starting at the negative health. Recent events suggest that the extent of damage one took to become deadly may not be the same amount of points you need to recover, for example, receiving 500+ damage and going deadly from around 100 HP. It only took about 5-7 heals before the person was released from their deadly state, more research is necessary on the exact formula used to recover deadly HP.



Erg: The life force of Erinn

Erinn: That which includes and encompasses everything in life; the world.

Eweca: The name of a moon in Erinn from which mana originates.


Fomor: a race forsaken by the gods. The opposing force against human beings.


Glas Ghaibhleanns: Monsters that the Fomors summoned to burn down Erinn . Also the last boss in G1 Mainstream quest.


Iria: A continent east of Uladh.


See Cichol.


Ladeca: The name of a moon in Erinn, believed to be the dwelling ground of space rabbits. The moongate reveals the path to Ladeca only once a year on Easter.

Lucky Finish: A lucky finish is when you kill an enemy and golden rings of light surround your character, you will also hear something like change falling. If you get this you will recieve a system message either saying, "Lucky Finish!!", "Big Lucky Finish!!!", or "Huge Lucky Finish". Presumably a normal Lucky Finish is 2x the normal amount of money. There is not much difference between a normal lucky finish and a big one, as a Big Lucky Finish is roughly 5x the normal amount of money from a normal drop, but when you get a huge lucky finish this is roughly 20x the normal amount of gold dropped by a said monster. When you get any of the above finishs you will have an extremely high chance of recieving an item drop, also, as stated before, you will recieve two to five to twenty times the normal amount of gold. Furthermore, if you get more than 2k gold in one normal, big, or huge lucky finish you will recieve the "Lucky Girl/Guy" title depending on your gender. This title raises your luck by 20 and has no other negative effects on your stats. One thing of note however, when you are in a party with this title equipped, it has been passive personal observation that your other team members will get lucky finishes and NOT you.


Lymilark: A god of love, under direct command of the Great Aton Cimeni. Responsible for creating Erg, the life force energy in Erinn, which the fundamental power of mana is based on.


Macha: A god of destruction.

Mag Tuired


Mores: The author of the "Book of revenge" trilogy. Also a druid who was Tarlach's old magic teacher.

Morrighan: A god of war and vengeance. Overseer of warriors.



Palala: The name of the sun in Erinn, providing heat energy for mana tunnels to be activated during daytime.

Proficiency: Over time this builds up when the item is used. For example, weapons earn proficiency when it is used against a monster of weak level or higher, while armors earn proficiency when simply worn or the character wearing the armor is hit by a monster. These points are used to permanently upgrade the item. The speed at which an item builds proficiency goes up as the character gets older.


Soul Streamer



The Tragedy of Emain Macha

The Great Aton Cimeni: An omnipotent entity in henotheistic religion of Erinn, believed to be the creator and overseer of Erinn.

Tir Na Nog: A mythical paradise in Erinn. Some believe it is a physical plane where the dead will arise, the sick will be healed, and conflicts will cease to exist. Others believe it is a spiritual plane for archetypal deities. [1]

Tuatha De Dannan