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''For the monster, click [[Wolf#Gray Wolf|here]].''<br>
''For the enchant, click [[Rank D#Gray Wolf|here]].''

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For the monster, click here.
For the enchant, click here.

Future content.png This article includes content that is unreleased in North America.
This content may or may not come in the future. This article is likely based on overseas version(s) of Mabinogi.

GRW1.gif Life 44 Str 31 GRW2.gif
Mana 30 Int 11
Stam 48 Dex 17
Base Dmg 21 - 38 Will 21
Wound % 1% - 3% Luck 17
Critical 18% Defense 0
Balance 39% Protection 2.0
Summon Time 95 Min Exp % 170% Speed Rating 11 / 6
Bag Size 20 (5 × 4) Enemy Dogs, Sheep Cost TBD
Attack Speed {{{HitSpeed}}} Hits {{{Hit}}}
Special Ability

No special abilities