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<div style="column-count:4;-moz-column-count:4;-webkit-column-count:4">
*[[Archer Slate]]
*[[Big-eared Aardvark]]
*[[Black Aardvark]]
*[[Black Leopard]]
*[[Black Physis Fox]]
*[[Black Snowfield Bear]] / [[Black Snowfield Bear Cub|Cub]]
*[[Black Snowfield Ostrich]]
*[[Black Spider]]
*[[Mongoose#Black-Tailed_Mongoose|Black-tailed Mongoose]]
*[[Mongoose#Blue-tailed Mongoose|Blue-tailed Mongoose]]
*[[Bone Archer#Bone Archer|Bone Archer]]
*[[Bone Fighter#Bone Fighter|Bone Fighter]]
*[[Bone Lancer#Bone Lancer|Bone Lancer]]
*[[Bronze Bone Fighter]]
*[[Bronze Bone Lancer]]
*[[Brown Coyote]]
*[[Brown Ixion]]
*[[Brown Reindeer]]
*[[Brown Snowfield Bear]]
*[[Mongoose#Brown-tailed_Mongoose|Brown-tailed Mongoose]]
*[[Crag Cow#Crag Cow|Crag Cow]]
*[[Dark Red Porcupine]]
*[[Desert Ghost Fanatic]]
*[[Desert Ghost Fanatic Priest]]
*[[Desert Warrior Ghost (Weak)]]
*[[Elephant (Gray)]]
*[[Fighter Slate]]
*[[Ghoul (Blue)]]
*[[Giant Bat]]
*[[Giant Black Spider]]
*[[Giant Worm (4)|Giant Worm]]
*[[Gray Jungle Wolf]]
*[[Gray Reindeer]]
*[[Gray-tailed Mongoose]]
*[[Goblin (Hardmode)]]
*[[Goblin Archer]]
*[[Goblin Archer (Hardmode)]]
*[[Goblin Bandit]]
*[[Goblin Keeper]]
*[[Goblin Keeper (Strong)]]
*[[Goblin Keeper Archer (Strong)]]
*[[Goblin Swordman]]
*[[Gold Bone Lancer]]
*[[Horned Aardvark]]
*[[Horned Wild Boar (Black)]]
*[[Horned Wild Boar (Brown)]]
*[[Gnoll (Doberman)]]
*[[Kobold Archer]]
*[[Kobold Bandit]]
*[[Long Horn Gnu]]
*[[Lost Sahuagin]]
*[[Magic Golem#Magic Golem|Magic Golem]]
*[[Maned Aardvark]]
*[[Masked Goblin]]
*[[Masked Goblin Archer]]
*[[Masked Goblin (Club)]]
*[[Metal Skeleton (Hardmode)]]
*[[Miner Kobold]]
*[[Red Antler Reindeer]]
*[[Red Blind Crab]]
*[[Red Lynx]]
*[[Red Snowfield Bear]] / [[Red Snowfield Bear Cub|Cub]]
*[[Red Spider]]
*[[Red Succubus]]
*[[Piked Horn Deer]]
*[[Poison Goblin]]
*[[Prison Flying Sword]]
*[[Sahagin Ranger]]
*[[Sand Mimic]]
*[[Savanna Jackal]]
*[[Shadow Archer]] (Weakest and Strong)
*[[Shadow Fighter]]
*[[Shadow Lancer]]
*[[Shadow Shire]]
*[[Short Horn Gnu]]
*[[Silver Bone Fighter]]
*[[Silver Bone Lancer]]
*[[Small-eared Aardvark]]
*[[Spiked Worm]]
*[[Stag Beetle (Black)]]
*[[Stag Beetle (Red)]]
*[[Stone Horse#Stone Horse|Stone Horse]]
*[[Stone Imp#Stone Imp|Stone Imp]]
*[[Stone Horse Keeper#Stone Horse Keeper|Stone Horse Keeper]]
*[[Stone Imp (the Dubious)]]
*[[Stone Imp (Strong)]]
*[[Stone Mask]]
*[[Stone Mimic]]
*[[Swamp Cobra]]
*[[Treasure Mimic]]
*[[Volcano Horned Wild Boar]]
*[[Volcano Lizard (Red)]]
*[[Volcano Wolf]]
*[[White Dire Wolf Cub]]
*[[White Reindeer]]
*[[White Mountain Sheep]]
*[[White Snowfield Bear]] / [[White Snowfield Bear Cub|Cub]]
*[[White Spider (Hardmode)]]
*[[White-tailed Mongoose]]
*[[Young Brown Reindeer]]
*[[Young Brown-tailed Mongoose]]
*[[Young Goblin]]
*[[Young Goblin Archer]]
*[[Young Gray-tailed Mongoose]]
*[[Young Gray Reindeer]]
*[[Young Maned Aardvark]]
*[[Young Poison Goblin]]
*[[Young Red Antler Reindeer]]
*[[Young Short Horn Gnu]]
*[[Young Small-eared Aardvark]]
*[[Young Stone Mask]]
*[[Young White Reindeer]]
*[[Young White-tailed Mongoose]]
|potionSoldBy=*1 (140g), 10 (1,400g) 20 (2,800g) - [[Comgan]], [[Dilys]], [[Manus]], [[Agnes]], [[Heulfryn]], [[Atrata]], [[Kirine]], [[Kousai]], [[Royal Guard Physician]], [[Nessa]], [[Muro]], [[Goro]], [[Morc]], [[Beirnes]]
|potionSoldBy=*1 (140g), 10 (1,400g) 20 (2,800g) - [[Comgan]], [[Dilys]], [[Manus]], [[Agnes]], [[Heulfryn]], [[Atrata]], [[Kirine]], [[Kousai]], [[Royal Guard Physician]], [[Nessa]], [[Muro]], [[Goro]], [[Morc]], [[Beirnes]]
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For a list of potions, see here.


Icon of HP 30 Potion
Size: 1 x 1
Stack: 20
HP 30 Potion
Effect Restores 30 HP
Consumable Yes Toxicity 0.3

A potion for quick HP recovery. Unable for use when knocked down or in the process of being knocked down. Not for use to cure wounds. Excessive use may result in medicinal poisoning.


  • Cannot be traded.

Methods to Obtain

  • There are no other methods of obtaining.

Sold By

Dropped By