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Editing a Homestead Kit: Homestead Small Oriental Archway

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Kit info:

Description: Use <br/> for line breaks, otherwise new lines will not be italicized
Icon: PNG preferred, "Homestead Kit" is the default Icon
Inventory Size (H x W): x
Stack Size: The normal stack size is 100. For no stacking, write 1.
Obtain List: e.g. *[[Homestead#Homestead_Objects]] for built objects.
Obtain List (Events): e.g. *[[Fairy Village Event (2015)]]
Obtain List (Gachapons): e.g. *[[Mystic Memory Box]]

First Install Information:

Homestead Prop Information:

Description: Use <br/> for line breaks, otherwise new lines will not be italicized
Type: The category of the item. Practially all event items are "Ornament" items.
Level: For most props, the minimum level is 2.
Region: Which Homestead Region is required to install this item?
Effect: Can you interact with this prop? (Gathering, Talking to, Pet Expeditions, Fishing, etc)
Sitting: Can you sit on this prop? How many seats exist?
Does the prop function as a lamp or glow at night?
Does the prop have details on its back or look different?
Extra Image: . For various comparisons and misc details. Specify the file name in the first field and the extension in the second.
Extra Description: Enter the image description here.
Maintenance Cost: Stones Fragments Homestead Stones required to keep this item functional and uninstallable Deducted once per week. Enter 1 Stone and 4 fragments as 1.4
Removal Cost: Homestead Stones required to uninstall this item.
Gain Kit on Removal:
Is the prop turned into a Kit on removal?
Installed Size (H x W): x Props face east by default. Moving a prop resets it to east. Character/Camera orientation is carried over when entering a Homestead.100
Random Color:
Does the prop gain a random color when it turns into a kit?
Paint Slot #1:
Paint Slot #2:
Paint Slot #3:
Paint Slot #4:
Paint Slot #5:
Paint Slot #6:
Paint Slot #7:
Paint Slot #8:

Status Bonuses:

Stat Priority
Maximum Damage:
Magic Attack:
Critical Damage:
Music Buff Effect:
Movement Speed:
Bonus Damage:

Pet House Information:

Building Type
Slot #1:
Slot #2:
Slot #3:
Slot #4:

Homestead Decoration Effect Set:

Set Name See Form:Homestead Decoration Effects for more information.

Trade Information:

Can be banked
Can be withdrawn with other characters
Can be stored in Pets
Can be traded to others
Can be sold via Personal Shops/Auction House
Can be dropped or destroyed
Can be picked up by others

Free text: