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(Liked Food Rewards)
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Line 288: Line 288:
**[[Amethyst Arrow]]
**[[Amethyst Arrow]]
**[[Base Herb]]
**[[Base Herb]]
**[[Barri Dungeon Pass Box]]
**[[Bloody Herb]]
**[[Bloody Herb]]
**[[Broad Stick]]
**[[Broad Stick]]
Line 302: Line 303:
**[[It's a 'paper airplane' that flies.]]
**[[It's a 'paper airplane' that flies.]]
**[[Mana Herb]]
**[[Mana Herb]]
**[[Math Dungeon Pass Box]]
**[[Hooked Cutlass]] (suffix: [[Raven]])
**[[Hooked Cutlass]] (suffix: [[Raven]])
**[[Rigid]] (Rank A prefix enchant)
**[[Rigid]] (Rank A prefix enchant)
**[[Rabbie Dungeon Pass Box]]
**[[Rabbie Dungeon Pass Box]]
**[[Rundal Dungeon Pass Box]]
**[[Pan Pie Crust]]
**[[Pan Pie Crust]]
**[[Pot-Belly Spider's Glowing Fang]]
**[[Pot-Belly Spider's Glowing Fang]]

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  • The Hot Springs are located in central Zardine.
  • A flock of Wyverns inhabits the skies above these springs, so those who travel by flying mount or balloon should be wary.
  • Hot Spring Monkeys inhabit the Hot Spring's area and may give rewards if fed.

Hot Springs Effects

File:Spa Radius.JPG
The area of effect of the springs is within the red outline.
  • There are various colors for each of the springs, and each spring performs a different effect on your character.
    • The color of the sparkle effect corresponds with the color of the Hot Spring.
  • In order for the effects to take place, players must Rest in or near the pool.
    • When resting/sitting in the pools, a "glowing" effect occurs, much like those of Equipment Combination Effects.
    • When you sit in a pool, a brief message appears, stating what effect is occurring.
    • See Appearance for more details about what changes will occur to a player's body.
      • These changes will not occur until after a Tick.

Spring of Tranquility

<Spring of Tranquility>
How did it happen? How come I am completely recovered from my bitter wounds and scars?
I have no explanations, but curse me if there isn't some divine spirit in that place!
- Waboka



"I feel like my wounds are being healed." - This white colored Hot Spring has a fast regenerative rate for HP, MP and Wounds, as well as Poison Attack and Potion Poisoning. This, however, does not extend to pets.

In order for all stats lost from Potion Poisoning to be recovered, players must be freshly poisoned. As in, getting any message when a potion is used. Once these messages are received, simply just sit down and within a few seconds all stats will be restored to normal.

Belly Boom Hot Spring

<Belly Boom Hot Spring>
Whew...! That nap was quite epic. But... why dose my body feel so sore and swollen?
Whaaat...?! What are these rolls on my stomach?! I look like the mother of an ox! Wait, could this be...?
I do recall, in fact, some mention of a hot spring... which supposedly expands your girth...
Is this the Belly Boom Hot Spring?
- Voight



"I feel like I'm absorbing nutrients from the water." - This red colored Hot Spring increases one's weight.

Devil's Diet Hot Spring

<Devil's Diet Hot Spring>
Would you care for a slimmer shape? Or perhaps, a trimmer and well-balanced body?
Well, you're in luck! There appears to be a hot spring with powers rather mysterious,
a place where weight loss is achieved by just one little dip!
- Caravan Joe



"I feel like I'm losing weight." - This blue colored Hot Spring reduces one's weight.

The Bestiary Hot Spring

<The Bestiary Hot Spring>
I came here in hopes of leaving stronger.
- Snow Imp



"I feel like I'm getting stronger." - This greenish-yellow Hot Spring increases upper body muscles.

Quick Shrink Hot Spring

<Quick Shrink Hot Spring>
*Ring Ring*
- Ruwai



"I feel like I'm losing muscles." - This bluish-green Hot Spring reduces upper body muscles.

Hot Spring Monkeys

  • If you gift certain foods to the monkeys at the hot springs, they will give you a random item.
  • The monkeys will stop giving rewards once they become full (i.e., when given 10 food items in a row).
  • Grades of foods given to the Monkeys will affect the reward given, but only with 2 and 3 star dishes (this is proven true on player-prepared dishes and store-bought dishes).


  • A food item is entered in a particular food list only if its 4 or 5 star version is known to give a corresponding reward.
    • For example, if a 3 star food item gives a disliked food response then this doesn't mean it belongs in the disliked food list, because a 3 star liked food will give a disliked food response as well. Only if a 4 or 5 star version of that food item gives a disliked food response does it belong in the disliked food list.
    • If a food item doesn't come with a star rating then it can only belong in one food list which, at the moment, appears to be the disliked food list. The disliked food list also contains food items with star ratings.
  • The rewards list is incomplete.

Eight Week Renewal Event


  • Hot Spring Tickets are sold by certain NPCs during the event.
  • Go to the Hot Springs in Zardine and talk to the Hot Spring Tree, located near the Mana Tunnel, with an Axe-type weapon equipped to trigger the Shadow Mission "Monkey Mash."
    • Talking to the tree without an axe equipped will result in some dialogue, but nothing else will happen.
    • Talk to the Hot Spring Spirit, who will appear in the mission after all four waves of monkeys have been defeated. Agree to his request which involves delivering an item to an NPC.
  • Monkey Man appears under the Hot Spring Tree during every in-game day at 8:00am to 11:00am, 12:30pm to 2:00pm, and 5:00pm to 7:00pm. He can be fed food in exchange for a gift.
  • You will receive a Relay Treasure Chest for gifting a Glutton Monkey.


Hot Spring Spirit's Gift Reward List

The following items may come with a rare colored blade, the colors listed with the respective weapon.

  • Broad Axe
    • Red flashy, blue flashy, black flashy, yellow flashy, green, blue, red, orange, pink, purple, or yellow.
  • Francisca
    • Orange, Red, yellow, white, or blue flashy.
  • Gathering Axe
    • Neon green.
  • Hatchet
    • Red flashy, blue flashy, yellow flashy, green flashy, black flashy, yellow, red, orange, green, blue, sky blue, pink, or purple.
    • May have the Spike, Fox, or Fang enchant.
  • Warrior Axe
    • Orange

Monkey Man Food List

Monkey Man Reward List