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How to Milk a Cow

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How to Milk a Cow[1]
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A practice book that clearly explains how to milk.

Obtain From Aeira
Price 200
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All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

- How to Milk a Cow! -

written by Levenez

1. The Benefits of Milk

Milk contains calcium and plentiful vitamins and is good for the young and old, male or female. Milk is especially necessary for developing babies, and serves as energy for cerebral activity.

For reasons such as these, everyone in Dunbarton drink milk on a daily basis. So much so that, they need part-timers to keep up with the high demand for milk.

2. Things You Need to Do Before Milking

Just as you would need a water cup to drink water, you need an empty bottle to contain the milk. If you want to milk a cow, you must first find a empty bottle.

You can purchase an empty bottle at the General Shop, but it is more expensive than you think because handling glass is difficult.

3. Selecting a Good Milk Cow

The Milk Cows in Erinn are the familiar black spotted Holstein Milk Cows. Holstein Milk Cows are known to be gentle and to produce a large quantity of milk, But if you milk it too much the cow could get stressed, so be careful.

Because cows periodically move, it's not easy to milk a moving cow. However, if you observe the cow's movements and match the right timing, it is not too difficult.

Remember this if anything. There's no way to distinguish between a good and bad Milk Cow, but timing could mean the difference between success and failure..

4. Things to Know When Milking

Milk produced by Holstein Milk Cows contain about 3.5% fat. The more fat there is, the better the milk will taste.

Also, if you milk the cow too strong, or if you are holding things in your hands, you can hurt the cow, so you must use clean hands and gently massage the cow when milking it .

5. Advertisement: Part-time Milking Help Needed

The Dunbarton Grocery Storeis in desperate need of a part-timerwho will milk the cows.

Starting time : When the shadow points directly north

Pay : High pay and EXP guaranteed, Beginners welcome

(Pay as soon as you're done)

Other Information : Ask Glenis at the Dunbarton Restaurant, [Regarding Jobs] keyword.


  • The Holstein, or Holstein-Friesian, cattle breed is a real-life breed. They are named after regions in Germany and the Netherlands.
    • Holstein is a combination of the German words holz/holt (meaning wood, woods, grove, or forest) and sassen (meaning inhabitant).