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The Saga: Iria

< Iria: Episode 5 - Proud Heritage: The Battle Iria: Episode 7 - Heroic Path: The Choice >

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Saga Mainstream Icon.png
  • To start Generation 18 Episode 6, open the Saga menu and select "EP 6 - Demon Night: The Truth".
  • You may not play other episodes while playing Episode 6.
  • Replaying Episode 6 costs 5,000 Gold.
  • Warning: Choosing to stop the Episode at any point will erase all progress.
  • You can not skip the cutscenes on your first playthrough of the Episode.

Generation 18: Episode 6 - Demon Night: The Truth is the sixth episode of Generation 18: The Saga: Iria. After the Milletian helped the Elves and Giants reclaim Shyllien Nature Reserve and Hillwen Mine, respectively, they now find themselves in deep trouble at the Pera Volcano, corner by Black Mask and his forces.

The Shadow Mission difficulty is based on your total level:

Beginner for 1~99 total
Intermediate for 100~299 total
Advanced for 300~999 total
Hard for 1000+ total

NPCs involved in Demon Night: The Truth

NPC Occupation Location
- The Holy Land of Shamans
Black Dragon Knight.png
Black Dragon Knight
- Pera Volcano
Black Mask.png
Black Mask
- Pera Volcano
Unknown Man.png
- Various
Black Raven Captain Various
Castanea Royal Guard Captain Various
Shaman-in-Training Various

The Milletian's Crisis

Name The Milletian's Crisis NPC Black Dragon Knight

To start the episode, click the Saga button and watch the Episode 6 cinema.


  1. Upon starting Episode 6, you will be sent into the Shadow Mission "The Milletian's Crisis!"
    • Prompted: Who are you? or Ruairi?!
    • Defeat three Demonic Ghouls, two Demonic Warriors, and the Black Dragon Knight. Afterwards, a cutscene will occur, and defeat two more Demonic Ghouls, two more Demonic Warriors, and the Black Dragon Knight again. Another cutscene will occur, and hold out against the Black Dragon Knight for a few seconds. Finally, the last cutscene will occur, ending the mission, and you will be warped to near the Pera Volcano Mana Tunnel.
      • The Black Dragon Knight can deal massive damage, has Mana Deflector Level 2, and will follow you a far distance, so tread carefully. In the second phase, he can summon an Illusion of himself that has the same abilities as him but with lesser HP. In the third and final phase, he can summon two Illusions and all damage he receives is reduced to 1.
    • If you somehow fail the Shadow Mission, relog or change channels to receive it again.
  2. Complete the quest. [8,000 EXP]

Observe the Situation Closely

Name Observe the Situation Closely NPC Millia

  1. Talk to Millia located near the Raspa Volcano Mana Tunnel.
  2. Talk to Dowra located right next to Millia.
  3. You will be taken into the RP Shadow Mission "Stab the Shamans to Death!", where you role-play as Ruairi.
  4. Complete the quest. [8,000 EXP]