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Iron Ore Fragment

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This ore, collected through Metallurgy, contains the impure form of iron. Ores are useless in their natural form, and must undergo the Refining process at the Forge to become craft materials. Use the Refining skill to create Iron Ingots

Iron Ore Fragment.png

1 × 1
Stack: 20

Name Iron Ore Fragment Method Metallurgy
Sold By None NPC Resale Value 2 G


Methods to Obtain


Take a Metallurgy Sieve to the beaches or rivers where the ground is sparkling. You can use the Metallurgy skill at the beach north of Cor, Port Qilla, the beach at southern Muyu Desert, Rano Beach south of Karu Forest, southern Connous beach, northern Connous beach, and Erkey Falls.


You also have a chance during Fragmentation to retrieve 1 to 5 fragments when fragmenting an Iron Ingot.

Metal Conversion

Can be created from 5 or less Unknown Ore Fragments depending on conversion rank.



Used In

Name Materials Needed Method
Iron Ingot

Iron Ore × 5 OR Iron Ore Fragment × 5 (cannot be a mixture)