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Irusan's Attendance Check-in Event (Season 3)

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Irusan's Attendance Check-in Event (Season 3)
March 2nd, 2023 - June 1st, 2023


Time to check in, meow! Log in everyday for new rewards, including the Folamh outfit set. Admire your favourite Fomor from the comfort of your own homestead instead of from Crom Bás when you finish the calendar, too! Check out the details below.[1]

Event Details

Irusan's Attendance Icon
Irusan's Attendance Icon
  • During the event, you will receive the guide quest, [Guide] Help Wanted, Meow!.
  • Find A Kitty in Need in front of the Unicorn Statue.
  • Register a main character with A Kitty in Need.
  • You can only register one character per account.
  • Once registered, an Irusan icon will appear on your screen.
    • You can view the calendar by clicking on the icon.
      • There are a total of 3 calendars. The first two calendars will each have 36 days, while the last calendar will only have 27 days of log in.
    • You can also view how many stamps you have, how much time is remaining before you receive a stamp, or how far along you are.
  • A new Event Clock timer is available so you can check your Check-in progress at a glance without opening up the Event Menu.
  • Stay logged in for 1 hour every day to receive a stamp.
    • Staying logged in on any character will count towards the 1 hour needed to collect a stamp.
    • You can only receive the stamp prizes on your main character.
    • If you still have time remaining on your calendar and it is already 7:00 AM PT, the remaining time will not reset.
    • If you log out and log in after 7:00 AM PT the next day without completing the previous day's attendance, the remaining time you had is still counted and you can continue to stay logged in to complete the attendance.
    • Once the attendance is complete, for the two situations above, you can no longer continue with the current day's attendance.
  • You will only receive 1 stamp per day.
  • Every weekend, you will receive 2 stamps per day (for a total of four).

Unclaimed Rewards

  • Rewards that weren’t claimed from the event calendar can be claimed by talking to Lorna in various Uladh towns.
    • The rewards will be available for 1 week after the event ends from Thursday, June 1st, After Maintenance - June 8th, Before Maintenance.
    • When talking to Lorna after the event has ended, any unclaimed rewards will be sent to the character's Point Shop Inventory.
  • Rewards that aren't claimed when the event is over will automatically be added to the registered main character's Point Shop Inventory.

Attendance Pass Purchase

Irusan's Attendance Check-in Purchase
  • If you miss a day, you can purchase an Attendance Pass for 29 Pon.
  • The Attendance Pass will stamp one day you missed on the calendar.
  • The Attendance Pass is not an item that is stored in your inventory; instead, when purchased, the pass is immediately used.
  • The amount of passes you can buy increases daily, if you missed a previous day's login. It is increased by 2 on weekends.

Stamp Rewards

Rewards Day 9
Eyes Beauty Coupon.png
Folamh's Eyes Beauty Coupon New!
Folamh's Eyes Beauty Coupon preview
Rebirth Potion.png
Rebirth Potion (Event)
(expires in 15 days)
Mysterious Spirit Stone.png
Mysterious Spirit Stone (50%)
(expires in 15 days)
Day 18
Mouth Beauty Coupon.png
Folamh's Mouth Beauty Coupon New!
Folamh's Mouth Beauty Coupon preview
Gift Box - Yellow 2.png
Special Gem Selection Box
(expires in 15 days)
Day 27
Eyes Beauty Coupon.png
Folamh's Eyes (Frenzied)_Beauty Coupon New!
Folamh's Eyes (Frenzied) Beauty Coupon preview
Gift Box.png
Irusan's Support Selection Box
(expires in 15 days)
Day 36
File:Folamh's Wig.png
Folamh's Wig Selection Box New!
Trade Unlock Potion.png
Trade Unlock Potion (Event)
(expires in 15 days)
File:Folamh's Wig.png
Folamh's Wig (F) New!
File:Folamh's Wig.png
Folamh's Wig (M) New!


[Guide] Help Wanted, Meow!

  • This quest is a guide quest. It is given once to guide the player towards the event area.
  • This quest is given to all characters on the account. It is removed from all other characters, after the main character has been registered.
How to Get Quest

Log in during the Irusan's Attendance Check-in Event (Season 3)

Briefing Unknown