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Item Fishing Pole W22

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A must-have item for wanna-be fishermen that wish to reel in an item! This fishing pole is famous for reeling in items as opposed to fish, and when this is used for fishing, the catch rate of fish and scrolls stay the same, but the catch rate of items will double. Only available to those whose fishing skills are at least at Rank 5. Needs to be equipped with the bait tin.

Used by the Fishing skill to catch various items, including fish.

  • To use the Fishing skill, an Item Piecing W22 is equipped on the right hand and a fishing bait on the left.
  • An advanced form of fishing tool requiring rank 5 fishing to use.
    • Using this fishing tool doubles your chances of getting an item, as compared to using the Fishing Rod.
      • For example, hypothetically with a normal rod, every minute you would get 1 fish, 1 item and 1 quest scroll. With the W22, you will get 1 fish, 2 items, and 1 quest scroll, thus, training fishing four times instead of three.
    • The chance of getting a fish or scroll stays the same.
  • It can be traded, dropped, stored on pets and stored in banks.

For information and individual articles on fishing tools see Category:Fishing Tools.


Requires a fishing bait to be equipped.
It is an ineffective weapon.

Base Stats and Information


Handicraft Requirements

Name Image Rank Material
Item Piecing W22 File:Handy35.png 7 Iron Bar x1
Tough Thread x1
Magical Golden Thread x1
Magical Silver Thread x1