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*[[Monster Summoning Urn (Dec. 2012)]] (Reforge Rank 1)
*[[Monster Summoning Urn (Dec. 2012)]] (Reforge Rank 1)
*[[Birthday Gachapon (Kristell 2011)]]
*[[Birthday Gachapon (Kristell 2011)]]
*[[Imp's Toy Box (2011)]]

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Spell Book.png Spell Book Equipped.png
2 x 2 Equipped

A book that helps you use magic. Your Max MP increases when this book is equipped. (Cannot be repaired or dyed)

All books cannot be seen when sheathed.


Basic Average Fine Great
Max MP +80 +120 +200 +300


Cannot be upgraded.
Cannot be repaired.
Cannot be dyed.
It is an ineffective shield.

Item Grades

Type Defense Protection Durability Upgrades
Original 0 0 5 0

Methods to Obtain