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Life Drain (Monster)

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For the player variant, see Life Drain.


Life Drain (Monster).png Life Drain, considered one of the most advanced Fomor skills, drains the HP of an opponent located within the given range.

Basic Information

  • Executes Life Drain over a wide area, drawing in a red mist from the opponent to the user to absorb HP.
  • Like normal Life Drain, a sound is made during the absorbing process.
  • Like normal Life Drain, Monster Life Drain cannot drain targets past 0 HP (Deadly).
  • Like normal Life Drain, all targets affected by Monster Life Drain will be forced to walk.
    • Evasion and Tumble can be used to escape Monster Life Drain much quicker.
  • Unlike normal Life Drain, monsters using or loading Monster Life Drain may not be attacked.
  • Unlike normal Life Drain, when the skill ends, an explosion (similar to that of Self-Destruct and Fireball) will occur from the user, and all enemy targets in range will be knocked back and take additional damage.
  • Blinkers have their own version of Life Drain. See Beholder Beam.

Monsters with the Skill