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*These tables contain all the enchants that are '''Rank E'''.  If you don't know what enchants are or how they work, be sure to see [[:Category:Enchants|Category:Enchants]] and the [[Enchant]] skill page for more information.
*"'''Scroll Name'''" lists the name of the enchant.
*"'''Enchantable Item'''" is what you can use the scroll on.
**"All" means practically anything.
**"Armor" includes both Light and Heavy Armors, but not clothes.  "Clothes" means clothes only.
**"Gloves" includes all things worn on the hand unless indicated otherwise.
**"Footwear" includes both Shoes and Boots.
**"Headgears" means anything worn on the head.  "Helmets" means only the headgears that give 1 Defense.
**"Iron Weapons and Armor" simply means weapons and armor made primarily out of metal (i.e. not bows, wands, or clothing, etc.)
*"'''Effect'''" is what the enchant does.  <font color="blue">Blue text</font> indicates a favorable bonus, while <font color="red">red text</font> indicates an unfavorable effect.
**Requirements for the effect are often indicated with a + or a - sign.  Examples: 
**"Level -5" means you must be under level five for the effect to work.
**"Skill Rank C+" means you must have that skill at rank C or higher for the effect to work.
**For an explanation of stats, see [[Status]].
*"'''Dropped By'''" is what monster, dungeon, or quest drops an item with that enchantment on it.
*"'''Item'''" is what item exactly the "Dropped By" method gives.

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  • Reminder: 5 Luck equals to 1% Critical
  • See Luck for more details on this stat.