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Magical Music Score Scroll

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For magic music obtained though Compose, see Magical Music.
For the regular version, see Score Scroll.
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Inventory icon of Magical Music Score Scroll

1 × 2

A music score that has music recorded that apparently has magical effects. Play an instrument with this score, and it may enable you to click on an animal you'd like to tame. If you are able to tame the animal after playing the music, the animal may serve as your protector.

Method to Obtain

  • Tiro sells the Magical Music Score Scroll for 43,999g and it is for 20 uses.
  • Briana also sells the Magical Music Score Scroll for 500g but she only sells 15 per in-game day.
    • At this time, this music score can only be used on certain monsters (Ex. Brown-tailed Mongoose)
    • The scores Briana sells allows the player to compose their own music on it to be played when trying to control a monster.
      • Note: When composing music on these score scrolls try not to forget that the monster can move around. If the monster is too far from the music tamer, the score will fail and you will not be able to control the monster. (Try to compose songs that are short to quicken the time it takes the player to play the song to control the monster).


  • You will be asked to choose the target when you begin playing.
  • Once under control, it will be similar to a Pet without an AI list. In addition, the creature will not respond to typical Pet Commands.
  • Taming success rate and duration is based on CP difference; the stronger the creature, the harder it is to tame.
    • The tamed creature will leave your side if you move to another place or map using doors, Wings of a Goddess, or after a certain amount of time passes.
    • Tamed creatures do not drop anything aside from Dungeon Keys.
    • Once the duration of the creature expires, it will simply disappear.
  • The success rate is also related to your Control of Darkness rank.