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For the Mailbox, see Mailbox.


Inventory icon of Mail

2 × 2

Tara Bank items to be delivered to x[1] within the given amount of time.
Expires in x[2] minutes.

Methods to Obtain

Part-time Jobs

Received upon acceptance of Keith's Part-time Job and may only be opened by another person, a specific person who's name is in the description.

Another Person

This item can also be obtained from someone doing the Part-time Job. The person will likely give it to you, their randomly chosen target. You must meet with them and accept it via trade.

Possible Rewards


  • This item expires thirty minutes real time after 7AM ingame time.
    • The rewards do not expire.
  • This item cannot be mailed.
  • This item may be stored in the bank, stored in pets, or given to a third party.


  1. The name of the player will vary.
  2. Expires thirty real time minutes after 7AM ingame time.