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For the Part-time job package item, see Mail.
The Mailbox

Mailboxes are used to send or check mail and to send or receive items.

Sending Mail

Sending Messages

  • To send a message click on any mailbox, then on the "Send Mail" button and the "Send Mail" window will open.
    • Enter the recipient's name, and click Confirm to check the name of the recipient on your server.
    • Enter the message and click on the "Send Mail" button.
  • Sent messages are stored in the sender's outbox and remain there until the recipient opens the message.
    • You may not send messages if your inbox contains 30 or more items and/or messages.
  • A message sent via mail has a maximum of 150 character, however, longer messages can be broken up over a number of postings.
  • There is a delay in the time it takes for a message to be sent and when it's received in the recipient's inbox.
  • You cannot send mail to other players on another server.
  • You cannot send mail to another character on the same account.

Sending Items

  • To send an item, open your Inventory, then drag and drop the item from your inventory to the square in the message window, similar to the Bank.
  • Only tradeable items may be sent via mail (including Gold and Checks). A fee is charged depending on the value of the item sent.
    • The fee charged for mailing items works exactly the same as the fee charged for depositing items in a Bank.
  • You may not send items if your inbox has 30 or more items and/or messages.
  • Items will remain in the recipient's inbox for 30 days, if the recipient does not remove them.
    • After 30 days the item will be returned to the sender's inbox.
  • A payment can be requested for an item sent via mail to other players by selecting the "Request $" and inputting the amount of gold desired for the item.
    • The maximum amount available to be requested is 10,000,000 G.
    • You must add an item in the mail in order to request gold.
    • There is a transaction fee for the bank plus the request fee for the recipient.

Receiving Mail

Receiving Messages

  • Messages can be checked by clicking on any mailbox and then clicking on any received messages in the inbox. The inbox is displayed by default when clicking on a mailbox.

Receiving Items

  • There are no fees for the receiver, unless the mail comes with an item requesting a payment in gold (i.e., a priced item).
  • The receiver, when accepting a priced item from the mailbox, will need to have enough gold to pay for the item and the fees.
  • When paying with gold on-hand, the total fees rate is 5% of the requested gold (i.e., the mailing fee is only charged).
  • When paying with gold in the bank, the total fees rate is 10% of the requested gold (i.e., the mailing fee and bank transaction fees are charged).
  • After the item has been accepted, the gold will be sent to the seller, which they can directly deposit into their bank account without any fees being charged.
  • Note: Checks are not accepted as a method of payment for mailed items.


  • Unlike Party Boards nor House Shop Ad Boards, Mailboxes are technically NPCs, as they are selectable by holding Ctrl key. They also have Combat Power and Inventory, although not visible to players.
  • Although the Inbox and Outbox are limited to only 30 items, it is possible to exceed the limit (in the Inbox only) by sending items to another player and having them return it. However, be aware that other players will not be able to directly send items to the inbox after it exceeds 30/30 items. In this manner, the inbox can be used as a low cost but temporary storage (to a max. of 59/30) for cheap items.