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The Mailbox

The Mailbox is used to send or check mail. The mail may contain tradable items only (including gold and checks). There is a fee depending on the item sent (More expensive items will increase the fee).
You may request gold from other players by ticking the "Request $" and inputting the amount of gold requested (Max 10 Million).
You MUST insert an item in order to request gold however. There is also a transaction fee for the bank plus the request fee for the recipiant.

  • You can have only 150 characters per mail.
  • There is a sending delay varying from 1~5 minutes to receive.
  • You cannot send mail to other players on another server.
  • You cannot send mail to another character on the same account.


  • The Mailbox is actually an NPC.
  • You may find the Mailbox beside almost every bank in Erinn except residential areas.
  • Although the Inbox and Outbox is limited to only 30 items, it is possible to exceed the limit (in the Inbox only) by sending item to another person and having them return it. However, be aware that other people will not be able to directly send items to you after your Inbox exceeds 30/30 items. You can use it for temporary large (unlimited) storage of many cheap items.