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Memento Events

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Memento Event advertisement


Memento has arrived, and we're celebrating the update with a slate of bonuses and giveaways to make your experience in Sidhe Finnachaid even better! Earn double EXP this weekend, get through the storyline for a special new title, earn AP potions every day and claim special prizes for the next three weeks. Check it all out below!

Memento Bonus Time Event

Jun 15th, 2017 - Jul 5th, 2017

Memento Title Giveaway

Jun 15th, 2017 - Jun 28th, 2017

  • Complete the final mission of the new Memento storyline to claim the MEMENTO 2nd Title Coupon!
  • Title gives the following stats:
    • +7 Max Attack
    • +6 Min Attack
    • +5 Magic Attack
    • +4 Critical
    • +3 Music Buff Skill


[Event] Clear Memento Scenario
How to Get Quest
  • Clear A Respite from Endless Sorrow, the last dungeon in the Memento Scenario.
  • Clear [A Respite from Endless Sorrow]

Memento Daily AP Potions

Jun 15th, 2017 - Jul 12th, 2017

Memento Monster Bonus EXP

Jun 15th, 2017 - Jun 18th, 2017