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(still can be used, along with butterfly fan too.)
(Method to Obtain)
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== Method to Obtain ==
== Method to Obtain ==
* [[Soldier Gachapon (2012)]]  
* [[Soldier Gachapon (2012)]]
*[[Barri Normal]] Reward
== Used In ==
== Used In ==

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This feature may still be used provided one had access to it before it was altered.


Inventory icon of Metal Lightning Wand Repair Kit

2 × 2

Contains a tool to fix a broken Metal Lightning Wand. It can be repaired by using the Handicraft skill.

Disappears after one use.
This item is no longer available.

Method to Obtain

Used In


Name Item Rank Skill Rank Production
Materials Needed
Metal Lightning Wand
Novice Novice 100 Broken Metal Lightning Wand × 1
Metal Lightning Wand Repair Kit × 1