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== About ==
#REDIRECT [[Mystical Turkey Event (2009)]]
It’s getting to be that time of year, when families and friends gather around a table, gorge themselves on delicious food, and express how grateful they are for the happy events and wonderful people that have been a part of their lives the past year. Starting next week, November 25th, in the world of Erinn, mystical turkeys will be the heralds of the season, and they can be found on various monsters and Fomors throughout Uladh and Iria. Eating these odd turkeys can magically increase your character’s size…or if you’re unlucky, change you back to normal. Once the clock strikes midnight, Erinn time, all height gains will be lost and your character will change back to normal.
Note: Appears to reset every 5 minutes in real world time. This counter starts when you log on.
Turkeys can be stored in the bank, but not in pets.  However, if logged into your pet, the pet can pick up a turkey.
*Size will not change while transformed.
*Smart Pets will pick up the turkey as well.  Beware- if a Smart Pet (Border Collie, etc. picks up a [[Mystic Turkey]], you will not be able to remove it from the pet's inventory.  You must log in as your pet and consume it as your pet.  If you log in as your pet and drop the [[Mystic Turkey]], it cannot be picked up by anyone.
*If you unsummon your pet after a turkey was consumed affecting its size, the pet will revert back to normal when summoned again.
*Mounts and tofu-growth bears are not affected by Mystical Turkey.
*Turkeys can be obtained through various means.  Killing monsters, hitting objects (trees, posts, objects) and gathering actions.
== Prizes ==
Collect [[Mystic Turkey|magical turkey]]s! Eat up! Grow bigger and bigger! If you become one of the five largest players (in terms of growth) on your server, you will receive 10,000 NX! Oh, also…do you enjoy sneaking table scraps to Fido during your family’s feast? If so, you’ll be happy to hear that the owners of the three largest pets (in terms of growth) will also be rewarded with 10,000 NX!
== Information ==
Turkeys will either cause a character (including pets) to grow by approximately 3cm to 6cm per turkey, or revert to normal size.  It is stated that there is a 20% chance that consuming a turkey will cause you to revert to normal size. They occupy a 2x2 space in your inventory, and drop from any monster regardless of CP.
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