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(Red Bandit Badge Rewards)
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*20x Exchanges: 1x [[Shiny Wood]]
*20x Exchanges: 1x [[Shiny Wood]]
*30x Exchanges: 1x [[Treehouse]]
*30x Exchanges: 1x [[Treehouse]]
:-Note that an exchange is equal to turning in 5 [[Red Bandit Badges]] once. For example you would need 10 real life days (a total of 150 badges) to get the [[Treehouse]] prize.
===Surprise Box Rewards===
===Surprise Box Rewards===
*[[Filia Well]]
*[[Filia Well]]

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Naco Commerce Event
February 1th, 2017 - February 15th, 2017


Varmints are back on the highways of Erinn and it's time to protect the caravans and keep trade alive! The Naco Commerce Event is here, and you'll be tangling with the rowdiest roughnecks in the wilderness as they try to prevent commerce from thriving. And for those that aren't a fan of the violence, stick to making money with a 30% boost to Commerce Ducats, Gold and EXP! [1]

Event details

  • Login to Mabinogi and receive the quest "Impetuous Red Bandit"
    • Speak to Naco at the Dunbarton Trading Post to register a Main Character for the event
  • Every day after 7:00 AM PST (10:00 AM EST / 2:00 AM AEST / 4:00 PM CET), you can accept daily quests from the Dunbarton Trading Post, challenging you to protect caravans heading to various cities from bandit raids

Collecting Red Bandit Badges

  • Bandit raids occur every 36 minutes at 6:00 PM in-game, and will last for 6 minutes (despawning at 10:00 PM in-game).
    • You will obtain a Red Bandit Badge periodically (maybe defeating a certain amount of them?) while fighting the bandits.
    • The bandits that spawn are not strong and may drop a Red Bandit Badge.
    • Kloberin' Pete has Advanced Heavy Stander and will do only 1 damage but has an enormous amount of health.
      • Defeating Kloberin' Pete yields 500 exp. He doesn't seem to drop anything.
  • Defend the wagon (?) and defeat the Red Bandits to claim Red Bandit Badges.

Prize Exchange

  • Every day you will talk to Naco and be assigned to a town of your choice.
    • Turn in 5 badges to the goblin of the town you selected by pressing the Deliver Badge option. This will complete the daily quest.
    • Turn in 5 badges by pressing the Exchange Gift Box option for a Surprise Box. You can turn in badges 3 times per real day. Exchanging a number of times and you will get additional prizes.


  • For the duration of the event, Commerce Ducats, Gold and EXP is increased by 30%.
  • If you do a normal commerce run and gain at least 5000 ducats, you will be rewarded with a Red Bandit Badge.


Red Bandit Badge Rewards

After turning in Red Bandit Badges a certain amount of times, you will be rewarded the following:

-Note that an exchange is equal to turning in 5 Red Bandit Badges once. For example you would need 10 real life days (a total of 150 badges) to get the Treehouse prize.

Surprise Box Rewards