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Night Change

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Basic Information

  • Night Change is an ability possessed by the Nightmare Humanoid that allows it to change color and gain passive defenses.
  • Night Change is usually used after the monster is knocked back or knocked down and makes the monster become invincible (all attacks dealing 1 damage) to a specific type of attack according to the color that it has changed to.
    • The monster does not always have to be knocked back or knocked down to use the ability.
    • It tends to change colors corresponding to the type of attack it was hit with. (Eg. It turns red after being hit with a melee attack)
  • When using Night Change, the monster will glow with a level up-like effect and will say (in a speech bubble):
    • "Open Night!"/Black = weak to everything. This is how the Nightmare Humanoid looks before ever being attacked (no Passive Defenses)
      • Although, it will occassionally change to Black during battle. Plus, if you don't attack it for a while, the Nightmare Humanoid will start changing colors before being attacked.
    • "Night Change 1!"/Red = immune to melee attacks (level 3 Heavy Stander)
    • "Night Change 2!"/Blue = immune to magic (level 3 Mana Reflector)
    • "Night Change 3!"/Orange = immune to range (level 3 Natural Shield)
    • "Jean Night!"/White = immune to everything (level 3 Heavy Stander, Natural Shield, Mana Reflector)

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