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''For Ostrich pets, go [[:Category:Birds|here]].''<br/>''For Ostrich Monster, go [[Ostrich|here]].''<br/>See Also [[Mustang]''
{{for|other mountable NPC animals|Mustang|Hippo (NPC)}}
==Basic Information==
*Running speed is equal to [[Shire]] pets, [[Haflinger]] pets, and [[Mustangs]].
*[[Elf|Elves]] cannot shoot nearby monsters while the mount is moving.
*[[Giant]]s cannot mount these at all.
|Family=Ostrich (NPC)
== Mount Locations==
*Note: Some routes do not stop at certain stop points.
[[File:Ostrich Routes.png|400px]]
[[Category:NPC Animals]]
[[Category:NPC Animals]]
|Name= Wild Ostrich
|Field=Various locations listed bellow
|Type=[[Riding Animals]]
|Age=16 - 18
|Info=While Wild Ostrich can be ridden, their paths are predetermined.  Think of them like buses, and pet Ostrich like cars. To ride: find their stopping points, right-click, and choose mount. All Ostrich Stops are the same as Mustang Stops; the Ostrich can be used to transfer between Mustang. Note that there is occasionally a glitch in which they will stop on the path or stay at a stop too long. In this case, you'll have to walk all the way either back to the stop or to your destination.
==Mounting Locations==
[[Image:MuOsRoute.jpg|thumb|right|Ostrich Route in red, click to enlarge]]
<div class="NavFrame" style="margin-right: 275px">
  <div class="NavHead">Ostrich Stops</div>
<div class="NavContent" style="text-align:left;display:none;">
Ostrich Stop 1: Transfer to Nubes Mountain Mustang
Ostrich Stop 2: Transfer to Desert Mustang
Ostrich Stop 3: Transfer to Muyu Desert Mustang
Ostrich Stop 4: Transfer to Maize Prairie Mustang
[[Category:NPC_Animals]] [[Category:Struthionidae]]

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For other mountable NPC animals, see Mustang and Hippo (NPC).


Normal Monster Wild Ostrich

Picture of Wild Ostrich
Edit Link
Melee Hits Running Speed Detection Speed Detection Range Aggressive Aggression Element
? Fast - -
- None
Location Hit Points Melee Damage Ranged Damage Def. (Prot.) Experience Gold Combat Power
? ? - 0 (0%) ? ? ?

Mount Locations

  • Note: Some routes do not stop at certain stop points.

Ostrich Routes.png