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| 150,000
| 150,000
| [[Rundal Intermediate Hardmode]]
| ???
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| [[Rundal Advanced Hardmode]]
| [[Rundal Advanced Hardmode]]

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Construction.png This article is currently being updated.
This article is being heavily updated due to new content or is being heavily worked on. This article may contain inaccurate information as well as discrepancies.
For a list of Partners, see Partners List.
A Butler and a Maid as they appear in-game.

Partners are a special type of NPCs that work similar to Pets. You may purchase and create partners by using cards from the Web Shop.

Partner Creation

Similar to Character Creation, partner creation allows you to choose the gender, hair style, hair color, eyes, eye color, skin color, head shape, mouth, and name. Names are still restricted by availability of the server and available names are shared between pets and characters alike. In addition to that you can control their height, weight, lower body muscles, and upper body muscles. They also have something exclusive to them, you can control their personalities. Their personalities will determine their poses, their attitude, and their repair rate. Unlike characters, you cannot control their race; currently their race is only Human, though, if they are summoned on a Giant, they will be slightly taller.

Partner Disposition and Stress

Partners have 2 extra stats along with the usual ones. These stats can be viewed by selecting the "Disposition" option upon talking to them. These stats affect the actions that can be performed with the partner.

  • Disposition is the affection level between the partner and master, how much he/she likes the master (Max. 255 Min. -255). Higher disposition increases success rate on repairs, allows one to receive gifts from the partner, perform more "actions" with them, and provides the option to marry them.
  • Stress shows how stressed the partner is (Max. 100 Min. 0).
  • Disposition and Stress will vary from character to character.
    • The partner keeps track of individual Disposition and Stress for each character on the same account.

Things that effect disposition/stress:

Action Notes Stress Disposition
First summon of the real-time day Once per real day +1~5
After the first conversation Per character -120
Pay 50k Salary Once every Saturday -100 +10
Pay 30k Salary Once every Saturday -70 +5
Pay 20k Salary Once every Saturday +2
Give item to Partner Once per real day -50 +2
Ask for Gift and say Like the Gift Once per real day
Disposition Level 50+
-50 +2
Ask for Gift and say Don't like the Gift Once per real day
Disposition Level 50+
+10 -10
Ask for Gift and say Angry with the Gift Once per real day
Disposition Level 50+
+30 -100
Partner Quest Once per real day -50 +2
Cook Food Once per real day +5
Give Food when Partner is Hungry Must not reach 100% upon feeding -10
Give Potion when HP/MP/Stamina is not full -10
Stress at 100 Periodically -1~3
Hunger below 55% Periodically -1~3
Help Gathering Every attempt +1

Similarities between Pets and Partners

  • Partners are obtained the same way as Pets.
  • Partners have their own inventory space.
  • Partners can be "gifted" potions and food.
  • Partners resurrect their masters with Pet First-Aid Kits.
  • Partners can manage and search Personal Shops.
  • If their name is called, a quick view on their disposition level, hunger, and summoning time shows.
  • Partners have a certain duration in which they can be summoned, which resets at 7am PST.
  • Partners respond to Pet Commands as well as Pet AI.
  • Partners can receive Pet Titles.
  • Partners can provide Companion Bonuses.
  • Partners only gain 25% of the EXP the master gains from killing monsters.
  • Partners' skills are predetermined by level and cannot be chosen.
  • Partners cannot board a Raft or a Hot-Air Balloon.
  • If attacked by Dragon Fear, Partners will be forcibly desummoned.
  • Partners can finish an enemy if Pet Finish is enabled.
  • Partners skills can be placed in the Hotkey Slots.
  • Partners can be assigned a Hotkey Command, such as "Ctrl+Numpad 1," for quick summoning.

Partner Special Abilities

Partners Can

  • Use a special carriage and broom mount.
    • These mounts can be purchased in a package for 10,000 NX in the Web Shop.
    • The type of mount that is used can be chosen by right-clicking on the Partner and selecting "Ride Wagon" or "Ride Broom".
    • Attempting to "mount" the Partner will automatically summon the last mount chosen.
  • Gathers as the master gathers.
    • Partners do not require special tools to gather items.
    • May result in two items dropping instead of one.
    • Every attempt increases the Partner's Stress level by 1.
    • If the master has skills or equipment that increase their gathering speed, the Partner will not be able to finish gathering. As a result, only the master will successfully attempt to gather items.
    • Beware, gathering while the partner is watching over a Personal Shop will forcibly close it if the owner is too far.
  • Be summoned inside a Homestead.
    • Partner mounts may not be used within a Homestead.
  • Resume a standing position (or specific action) whenever they speak, even while sitting down or playing dead, but will still be registered by monsters and that partner as continuing the action, even though they no longer are using the action.
  • Immediately execute Hands of Salvation when summoned in Dungeons/Shadow Missions/Theatre Missions.
    • Is essentially a Windmill that causes a stun instead of knockdown.
  • Use Play Dead.
  • Can be spoken with similar to an NPC.
    • This function intervenes with the master attempting to use Healing or First Aid as well as "gifting" potions/food to the partner. In order to use said skills, the master must right-click on the Partner and click the button labeled "Use Skill"; in the case of food, click the button "Feed Pet" and select the item desired. Alternatively, one may disable the Partner's ability to converse by right-clicking them and selecting "Chat Off".
    • Be aware that every Keyword used will forcibly end the conversation.
  • Provide daily quests to their master. This is done by selecting "Grant Favor".
    • These quests will provide experience to its master.
    • If the partner is unsummoned, the quest will forcibly cancel.
    • If the quest is canceled, you cannot receive another until the next day.
    • If the length of the quest spans past the reset time, the quest will be counted for both days.
  • Be given most equipment that normal players can use, as well as food. This is done by selecting "Gift" and "Give a Present".
    • Gift may only be given once every day real-time.
    • A gift increases the Partner's Disposition by 2 and lowers their Stress by 50.
    • Once you give them an item, it becomes Partner-only. In order to remove this tag, a Partner Trade Unlock Potion must be used on the item.
      • The potion is sold in the Web Shop for 2,900 NX.
      • This is also true for the clothing they come with upon creation.
      • Removing the tag also removes it from their possession.
      • Any Partner-only item is equipped or unequipped when clicked on rather than being picked up by the cursor.
      • Partner-only items can be destroyed. This is done by right-clicking the item and selecting "Destroy".
    • They can be equipped with Ranged Weapons, but they cannot use them.
    • Like Humans, they can Dual Wield One-Handed Swords.
    • As Humans, they cannot wear Elf or Giant-only equipment.
    • Like a normal player, any Enchant, Upgrade, or Reforged stat will also apply to the partner.
    • Like a normal player, their equipment will lose Durability.
    • Unlike a normal player, their equipment does not lose blessings and does not drop upon being knocked unconscious.
    • It is not possible to Enchant, Upgrade, Dye, Reforge, or Repair a Partner-Only item unless the tag is removed.
    • Food given to the Partner through this option will not increase their fullness.
    • Food given in stacks will result the entire stack being given.
  • Give their masters an item once every day real-time. This is done by selecting "Gift" and "Request a Present".
    • The Disposition level must be 50 to receive a Gift.
    • The master can reply "Like the Gift", "Don't like the Gift", or "Angry with the Gift".
      • These choices will also affect the Partner's Disposition and Stress.
      • If "Angry with the Gift" is chosen, there is a 50% chance to receive a Special Gift.
  • Cook foods for their master. This is done by selecting "Order a Dish".
    • Dishes may only be requested once every real-time day.
    • This will increase the Partner's Stress level by 5.
  • Sells items to their master. This is done by selecting "Trade".
    • Like NPCs, their items are not free, and there are no discounts (with the exception of Alban Heruin [Wednesdays]).
  • Repair equipment. This is done by selecting "Repair".
    • Butler: 94% Success on Magical Equipment Repairs (98% with high Disposition), 95% on Clothing (99% with high Disposition)
    • Maid: 97% Success on Accessories (99% with high Disposition), 95% on Clothing (98% if personality is Clumsy and high disposition, 99% with high Disposition and personality is not Clumsy)
    • Like NPCs, repairing is not free, and there are no discounts.
  • Can be paid every Samhain (Saturday). This is done by selecting "Pay Salary".
    • The wage ranges from 50,000 ("Pay Bonus"), 30,000 ("Pay Base Salary"), or 20,000 ("Underpay") gold.
    • It is not required to pay them.
    • Paying the Partner lowers their stress and increases their disposition, depending on the type of payment.
  • Can perform various actions with the master. This is done by selecting "Actions".
    • This should not be confused with player Actions.
    • Actions include "Salute", "Sit Down and Play", and "Dance".
  • Marry their masters. This is done by selecting "Propose".
    • Requires a high Disposition level with it.
    • Only works if master and partner are opposite genders.
    • Masters cannot marry your partner if married to another character or partner.

Partners Cannot

  • Be summoned in tandem with a Pet or another Partner.
  • Age every Samhain (Saturday) nor do they grow taller.
  • Gain stats upon leveling up.
    • All stats gained are due to skill rank-ups.
  • Gain or lose weight, regardless of food given.
  • Wear Light Armor, Heavy Armor, Special Clothes, anything personalized for the owner, or any Two-Handed Weapon (with the exception of Bows).
  • Be summoned during Commerce.



  • Height for partners are selectable in centimeters rather than age.
    • Aging will not change height.
    • Certain partners' heights cannot be toggled.
      • None of which are available in NA as of yet.
  • The formula for player height to partner height is:
    • <math>133 + 5x</math>
      • <math>x</math> is the amount of years after age 10.
Age Centimeters
10 133
11 138
12 143
13 148
14 153
15 158
16 163
17 168


Normal Gift List

Special Gift List


  • These quests are provided by selecting "Grant Favor" when speaking to the Partner.
  • These quests can only be performed once per day real-time.
  • A quest can be done individually on each character in your account.
    • Each character will not necessarily receive the same quest from the Partner.
  • Unsummoning the partner will cause the quest to forcibly cancel.
  • Cooking quests require the player to create the dish via Cooking skill. The partner can prepare ingredients (i.e. Steamed Potato in Tomato Basil Salad), but the player must make the main dish themselves.
  • Shadow Missions can be completed on any difficulty.
  • Dungeon/Shadow Mission passes are not provided for any of the quests.
  • Hunting quests require you to hunt monsters of that variety, not only the specific ones listed. (i.e. Zombie Soldiers will count for Zombies)
  • After completing the objective, you must talk to your Partner in order to be able to complete the quest.
  • Quests that ask you to collect items (i.e. ores) have to be collected yourself. Taking the items from other people will not count for the quest
Objective Experience Notes
Make Mixed Fried Rice 180,000
Make Grilled Shellfish 120,000
Make Cheese Bread 100,000
Make Grilled Silk-Striped Marlin 120,000
Make Tomato Basil Salad 150,000
Make Braised Angler Fish 100,000
Make Cheese Gratin 120,000
Make Brownie 120,000
Make Taitinn Carp Brochette 120,000
Make Curry Rice 150,000
Make Mixed Fruit 100,000
Make Mushroom Gratin 100,000
Make Roasted Bacon 120,000
Make Rock Bream Fish Stew 100,000
Make Chocolate Milk 110,000
Make Chocolate 110,000
Make Red Sunrise 110,000
Make Bouillabaisse 150,000
Make Cheese Fondue 150,000
Make Onion Soup 180,000
Make Poisonous Mushroom Stew 100,000
Alby Normal Hardmode 120,000
Ciar Intermediate Hardmode 170,000
Math Advanced 150,000
Rundal Intermediate Hardmode ??? It's actually Rundal Siren Hardmode
Rundal Advanced Hardmode 200,000
Defeat the Shadow Wizard 100,000
Provocation 100,000
Offering 100,000
Lingering Darkness 100,000
The Other Alchemists 100,000
Ghost of Partholon 100,000
The Red Dragon inside Shadow Realm 100,000
Hunt 5 Blinkers 120,000
Hunt 10 Skeletons 50,000 Skeleton Wolves also count
Hunt 10 Red Spiders 50,000
Hunt 30 Coyote 120,000
Hunt 10 Grey Wolves 50,000
Hunt 10 Brown Gremlin 120,000
Hunt 10 Green Gremlin 120,000
Hunt 30 Black Dire Wolves 120,000
Hunt 30 Zombies 120,000
Hunt 50 Brown Dire Wolves 100,000
Hunt 30 Red Bears 120,000
Hunt 30 Red Grizzly Bears 120,000
Hunt 30 Brown Grizzly Bears 120,000
Hunt 30 Kobolds 100,000
Hunt 30 Poison Kobolds 100,000
Hunt 30 Poison Goblins 150,000
Hunt 30 Wisps 120,000
Hunt 30 Rat Men 120,000 Blue/Dark Rat Men do not count.
Hunt 50 Skeletons 150,000
Hunt 50 White Wolves 100,000
Deliver 20 Holy Water of Lymilark 100,000
Give 40 Thin Thread Balls 100,000
Give 5 Fine Firewood 100,000 Crafting it from a workbench does not count.
Deliver 20 Cheap Leathers 50,000
Deliver 20 Cheap Silks 50,000
Deliver 20 Common Silks 100,000
Deliver 20 Fine Silks 150,000
Deliver 20 Finest Leathers 200,000
Deliver 20 Cheap Fabrics 50,000
Deliver 20 Finest Fabrics 200,000
Deliver 20 Emeralds 150,000
Deliver 30 Firewoods 100,000
Deliver 20 Garnets 150,000
Deliver 20 Rubys 150,000
Deliver 20 Topazes 200,000
Deliver 20 Diamonds 200,000
Give 20 Copper Ores 150,000
Give 20 Silver Ores 200,000
Give 20 Mythril Ores 200,000 Mythril Ores can be mined in Solea or Ant Hell.
Deliver 20 Gold Ingots 200,000