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[ Mabinogi North America's Client] is at Version '''112'''. '''Chapter 4: Generation 16 Season 2 (Macbeth, Genesis, Part 1)''' was released on '''June 29, 2012'''.
[ Mabinogi North America's Client] is at Version '''113'''. '''Chapter 4: Generation 16 Season 2 (Macbeth, Genesis, Part 1)''' was released on '''July 12<sup>th</sup>, 2012'''.
'''Mabinogi North America's Test Server's Client''' is at Version '''112'''. '''Chapter 4: Generation 16 Season 2 (Macbeth, Genesis, Part 1)''' was released on '''? ?, 2012'''.
'''Mabinogi North America's Test Server's Client''' is at Version '''112'''. '''Chapter 4: Generation 16 Season 2 (Macbeth, Genesis, Part 1)''' was released on '''? ?, 2012'''.

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A patch in Mabinogi is called a Chapter, Generation, or Season and sometimes is referred as a combination of the three such as CXGXSX (Example: Handicraft was implemented in C1G2S4). Each Chapter is made up of Generations, and each Generation is made up of Seasons.

A chapter is much like the chapter of a book on Mabinogi; in each chapter there will be a new story.

The Current Celtic Knot icon
The Green Celtic Knot icon
  • The term "Chapters" started at the release of Generation 4, named C2G4S1.
  • In Chapter 1, the Mabinogi Celtic knot symbol was green in color. From Chapter 2 onwards, it became orange.

Generation patches are large updates. Each Generation usually includes a new mainstream quest, new areas, races, towns, skills and more.

  • Generations are made up of seasons, and when a new Generation starts the Season count will get reset to 1 (Example: If there's a Generation patch, it will be named Generation X Season 1).
  • Generations don't come fully at once. They start with a big update labeled Season 1, and then continue with smaller seasons after. (Read the Patch Notes for better details.)

Seasons are always small patches, but don't get them wrong, they always add something small and special into the game. Most of the time there's only 4 seasons in each Generation, but this changes sometimes.

  • The "Extra" Seasons are actually named Sub-season X.


Mabinogi North America's Client is at Version 113. Chapter 4: Generation 16 Season 2 (Macbeth, Genesis, Part 1) was released on July 12th, 2012.

Mabinogi North America's Test Server's Client is at Version 112. Chapter 4: Generation 16 Season 2 (Macbeth, Genesis, Part 1) was released on ? ?, 2012.

Mabinogi Japan's Client is at Version 250. Chapter 4: Generation 16 Season 2 (Macbeth, Genesis) was released on ? ?, 2012.

Mabinogi Korea's Client is at Version 647. Chapter 4: Generation 16 Season 2 (Macbeth, Genesis) was released on ? ?, 2012.

Mabinogi Korea's Test Server's Client is at Version 581. Chapter 4: Generation 16 Season 2 (Macbeth, Genesis) was released on June 29, 2012 ?.

Mabinogi China's Client is at Version 163. Chapter 4: Generation 15 Season 1 (Merchant of Venice) was released on ? ?, 2012.

Mabinogi Taiwan's Client is at Version 168. Chapter 4: Generation 15 Season 3 (Merchant of Venice) was released on ? ?, 2012.


Beta Testing

Before Closed Beta

On December 19th, 2007 Nexon America released its NA Mabinogi teaser site, featuring a small teaser Mabinogi video.

Some time later on the official website has been released with little to information about Mabinogi.

On January 4th, 2008 Nexon started posting video clips of Lorna and Pan explaining to players what can be done inside the game, the first episode was released on that day.

Closed Beta

A Couple of days after January 4th, 2008 Nexon opened the registration to the Closed Beta.

On January 25th, 2008 Nexon decided to end the Closed Beta registration process, and notified all the registered accounts that the Closed Beta will start on January 29th, 2008 and given the download links to the Closed Beta client.

On January 29th, 2008 the Closed Beta finally began, and Nexon started the server called Nao (so called Mari now, which is interestingly the other way it should be), it is unknown how many players logged in during this time.

On February 5th, 2008 the Closed Beta ended, it ran for 8 days and was shut down at 9 P.M. PST, all the characters were deleted.

Pre-Open Beta

A day after the end of the Closed Beta, on February 6th, 2008 Nexon posted an announcement on the official website that Pre-Open Beta was to be launched on February 23rd, 2008, and any person would be eligible.

On February 22nd, 2008 players noticed that the patch server had started working, and their Closed Beta clients updated to version 6, this was the first patch recorded by players in Mabinogi.

On February 23rd, 2008 the Pre-Open Beta was launched at 10 A.M. PST, and servers had been opened again with the single server called Nao.

On February 25nd, 2008 the servers were shutdown, and Pre-Open Beta had ended at 10 A.M. PST. Nexon had announced to their players that Open Beta will launch on March 5th, 2008. The Pre-Open Beta ran in total for 2 days.

Open Beta

On March 5th, 2008 the patch server had been launched again, and people updated their clients, at 3 A.M. PST the servers of Open Beta had been opened with the servers named Mari, Tarlach, and Ruairi.

On March 26th, 2008 the servers had been shutdown at 5 P.M. PST, and the Open Beta ended, and all the characters left untouched.

Chapter 1

Generation 1 through 3 is mostly about humans (Paladin and Dark Knight) and gods, and takes place on the continent of Uladh.

The label "Chapter 1" was retroactively applied to these three Generations since the unveiling of Chapter 2.

Generation 1 - The Advent of Morrighan

Main Updates

Item Updates

Map Updates

  • Intermediate dungeons of Alby, Ciar and Fiodh for one, two, and four people are now available.

Skill Updates

Generation 1, Season 1

Generation 1, Season 2

Generation 2 - Paladin

Main Updates

Item Updates

Map Updates

Skills Updates

Generation 2, Season 1

Generation 2, Season 2

Generation 2, Season 3

Generation 2, Season 4

Generation 3 - Dark Knight

Main Updates

Map Updates

Item Updates

  • New Cloth/Leather/Heavy Armor has been released.

Skill Updates

Generation 3, Season 1

Generation 3, Season 2

Generation 3, Season 3

Generation 3, Season 4

Generation 3, Season 5 (Extra Generation)

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is from Generation 4 to Generation 8, which takes place in Iria, where Elves and Giants live.

Pioneers of Iria

Pioneers of Iria was the name of the patch that consisted of Generation 4, 5, and 6.

Generation 4 - Pioneers of Iria

Main Updates

  • A continent has been implemented called Iria.
  • A new area was added, named Rano which is the first area of Iria.
  • Mana Tunnels are now available.
  • Exploration system has been added.
  • Dual-Wielding is now available, Humans can only hold Two one-handed swords in each hand, and Giants can hold Two one-handed Blunt Weapons in each hand.

Minor Updates

  • Many titles have been implemented.
  • Don't need to get off a Mount to feed a pet.
  • The title "The Elemental Master" is finally obtainable, as Ice Spear was implemented.
  • Continent Move feature enabled.
  • Players can now fight Dragons, which take numerous parties to take down.
  • Elf vs. Giant PvP has been implemented, but only players enabling it via their Options menu (under the Etc. tab) may participate. (Elf-allied humans and elves can attack Giants and giant-allied humans, and vice versa.)
  • Quiz-time bomb system added, which allows you to use quiz bombs on players who you suspect are botting. (Bomb is sold at some general stores.)

Item Updates

Map Updates

Skill Updates

Pet Updates

Generation 5 - Elves of the Desert

Main Updates

  • The race Elves was added.
  • A new area named Connous was added where elves start their journey at the town Filia.
  • A new PvP system was implemented, called Dueling.
  • The Messenger System was updated.
  • Character Select Screen has been changed.

Minor Updates

  • Boss Rush Mode Dungeons is now available.
  • Singing Birds Pets have been implemented.
  • More rideable pets have been implemented.

Item Updates

  • Arrows (1000) can now be purchased from Item Mall for 50 Nexon Cash, and can hold up to 1000 arrows. This Quiver's arrows can now be moved to a normal Quiver.
  • Emerald Arrow
  • Amethyst Arrow
  • Topaz Arrow
  • Mysterious Arrow
  • Various Elf-only and Elf and Human-only clothing, and leather armors.

Map Updates

Skill Updates

Generation 6 - Giants of the Snowfield

Main Updates

  • The race Giants was added.
  • A new area called Physis was added. Giants start their journey here at the town Vales.
  • Elves and Giants are now enemies.
  • an Elf and an Elf can now marry, an Elf and a Human can now marry, a Giant and a Giant can now marry, and a Giant and a Human can now marry.
  • Equipment Set Items are now implemented, they will add bonuses if the player wears the full set.

Minor Updates

  • Riding Pets(Sled Dogs) have been implemented.
  • A different type of fishing, Ice Fishing, has been implemented.
  • Wood Atlatl is a new weapon, but not considered a new type of weapon since it uses the same setting as Long Ranged weapons.

Item Updates

Map Updates

Skill Updates

  • Different versions of basic skills (almost all Combat and Magic, excluding Life) has been implemented for Giants only to balance their special melee skills.
    • Stomp can now be learned from Completing "Deliver Wine" of the Giant Beginner Quests.
Minor Pioneers of Iria Updates

Generation 7 - Ancient Secrets of Irinid

Generation 7 was released as one patch in NA.

Main Updates

  • A new area was added, named Courcle, which consists of a jungle, swamp, and a savanna.
  • Flying Pets are now available.

Minor Updates

Skill Updates

Generation 7, Season 1 - 4

Generation 8 - Dragon

Main Updates

  • The Mainstream Quest "The Drake of Iria" was added.
  • A new area was added, named Zardine.

Minor Updates

  • Hard Mode Dungeons are now available.
  • New clothing patterns are now sold.
  • Hot Air Ballooning is now available.
  • Flying Star pet is now available.
  • New Wands are now available.
  • New animations for casting advanced magic.
  • Various bows and swords added.

Generation 8, Season 1 - 2

Generation 8, Season 3 - 5 (Extra)

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is from Generation 9 onwards, which takes place in the west part of Uladh.

Generation 9 - Alchemist

Main Updates

Minor Updates

Generation 9, Season 1

Generation 9, Season 2

Generation 9, Season 3

Generation 10 - The Goddess of Light

Main Updates

Minor Updates

Skill Updates

Generation 11 - Sword of the Gods

Main Updates

Minor Updates

  • Smart Weapon system added. (Weapons will automatically change slots when certain skills are used. This is optional.)
  • Mail Notification added.
  • All of Uladh's dungeon Moon Gates vanished.
  • New Emotions and dancing added.

New Pets

Skill Updates

Generation 11, Season 1

Generation 11, Season 2

Generation 12 - Return of the Hero

Generation 12, Season 1

Generation 12, Season 2

Chapter 4 - Shakespeare

Chapter 4 revolves around a Shakespearean theme.

Generation 13 - Hamlet

Generation 13, Season 1

Generation 13, Season 2

Generation 14 - Romeo and Juliet

Main Updates

Minor Updates

  • Special Upgrade limit is raised to 6 times.
  • New hairstyles and eyes.
  • New weapon: Lance
  • Spirit Weapon's repair rate and damage are increased.
  • Special Music Scroll has been rebalanced.
  • New characters may choose a Destiny.
  • Characters no longer gain weight from eating food when hungry.
  • Voight sells new Artifact Collection Books.
  • Players can now run while using Meditation with a Trinity Staff.
  • Claudius's Conspiracy Persona now adds +20 Luck but Intelligence is lowered to +100.
  • Edern's Part-time Job is added.
  • New enchant scrolls added.

Skill Updates

Generation 14, Season 1

Generation 14, Season 2

Generation 14, Season 3

Generation 14, Season 4

Generation 15 - Merchant of Venice

Generation 15, Season 1

Generation 15, Season 2

Generation 15, Season 3

Generation 15, Season 4

Generation 16 - Macbeth

Generation 16, Season 1

Generation 16, Season 2: Genesis

Future content.png This section of the article includes content that may not be released in North America.
Some or all of the following contents may not be officially released by Nexon America, and may be based on Mabinogi overseas. Details are subject to change.

Chapter 5 - The Classic

Generation 17 - Grandmaster

Generation 17, Season 1


  • During the patch called 'The Pioneers of Iria', Nexon North America released three Generations in one patch: Generation 4, Generation 5, and Generation 6 at the same time.
    • It should be noted that Nexon updated at that patch to Generation 6 Season 4, but did not have some of the content in Generation 4 to 6, most of which were released with Generation 7 and Generation 8.
    • European Mabinogi had a similar patch called 'The Uncharted Lands' before it was discontinued.
      • This patch contained Generations 4 through 11.
  • There are times where Nexon North America create their own minor patches and do not name or announce them, these patch notes are not released here due to that reason.
  • Patch descriptions of the unimplemented Chapters, Generations, and Seasons are based on the Korean Mabinogi. Nexon North America may change them. This page will be updated when those patches come out in the corresponding server.
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 This was initially intended but bugs/glitches on Nexon's side caused this to be removed and later implemented.
  2. 2.0 2.1 This was an intended feature in a previous version yet implemented now due to glitches in the past.