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Pets are companion animals that can be summoned in-game to help fight, heal, perform first-aid, revive your character, or store items.

Obtaining Pets

Pets must be purchased with Nexon Cash in the game's Cash Shop, which can be accessed from the game's main page (here for NA). When you buy a certain color pet, it will come in that color but will randomly have a tint of certain other colors. For example, if you purchased a Shire it might be black with a slight blue tint or a green tint. It will forever have that tint on it, and this shade is completely random, making your pet unique, though you will never have to worry about getting a pet and it ending up being a completely different color than what you want.

Each pet has a different cost. After purchasing a pet, you will get a Pet Character Card that will be visible on the character select screen when you first log onto your account in-game. Create the pet by selecting the "New Pet" option. The maximum pets per account is not yet known, though it used to be 20.

When you first create your pet, you must choose its server. It has to be on the same server as your player characters in order for them to summon it and use it.

Summon Pets

To summon the pet in-game, type "summon Petname!" in normal chat, substituting your pet's name for "Petname". The pet's name must be spelled exactly and is case-sensitive. Alternatively, you can open the character menu and choose the Pet tab, or simply type T to go directly to the Pet menu, and summon from there. You can also set up a hotkey. To unsummon, simply type "return!" or "disappear!" or right-click the pet and choose the last option, "Cancel Summon", or by setting up a hotkey.

Each pet has a 'summon time' which dictates how long they can be summoned each real-life day. When the timer runs out, the pet is unsummoned and cannot be summoned again until 7am PST the next day {to see current global time zones go here }. The summon time is different for each type of pet, but is usually over an hour. The time is also unique to each pet you have; summoning one pet will not reduce another pet's timer at all.

Summoned pets can be set to Auto Finish by opening the Options Dialog window, selecting the "Game" tab, selecting the "ETC." tab and checking the box next to "Enable Pet Auto Finish". Summoned pets that are not set to Auto Finish will still defeat a monster but to obtain any possible item drops or experience the pet's owner must finish it off (the word "Finish" will flash above the defeated monster until it is finished off or disappears). A defeated monster will eventually disappear if the pet's owner does not finish it off and no experience will be obtained. On the other hand, summoned pets that are set to Auto Finish will finish a monster when they defeat it resulting in possible item drops and experience being gained. However, monsters finished by a summoned pet will not be counted towards a Party Quest's requirements.

The player can log-in and play as the pet for a unique game play experience. The timer will still go down as if the pet had been summoned. Pet players can join and create parties and enter dungeons like ordinary character players. However, Pet players cannot speak to NPCs (with the exceptions of Fleta's Rab and Tupai's Ruwai)or trade with others. Pet players will notice that their pets do not have Sharp Mind.


Pets have their own inventory space (varying in size depending on species), and the player can use them to store things. Pets can be used to watch player shops, so that the player can leave the shop area and the shop will stay open. The summon timer will not go down for this. However, if a pet is out watching the shop, the player cannot summon any other pets to help in battle, and the player cannot access the pet's inventory.

Pets also give a companion bonus after a certain amount of time while summoned, giving the owner temporary stat boosts based on the pet's species and age.

Leveling and Skills

Pets can level up, but unlike human characters, their skills cannot be chosen. They will automatically learn and rank skills at specific levels depending on their species. When summoned, a pet gains a percentage of the exp amount you earn in battle, but this percent is quite low; for serious leveling at higher levels, it may be best to play as the pet instead of leeching it. Your pets will gain even more experience depending on their intelligence. After a certain age (usually 10 or 15) the pet will stop gaining stats upon leveling up or aging. To maximize pet stat gain, then, it is best to level them up at a young age.

Pets' skills can be hotkeyed just like player skills can. You may also bind pet summon and pet unsummon commands to the hotkeys of your choice. To set this up, click the Celtic knot icon in the bottom left of the screen, click "Options" and then the "Game" tab and then select the "Set Hotkeys" button. Scroll down to find the hotkeys relating to pets.

Pets can also be programmed with pet AI to behave in a certain manner when not being instructed directly.

Pet skills have identical effects as the human version at equivalent ranks.


Like normal characters, pets can rebirth, retaining the same name, skills, and skill ranks. Unlike those rebirths, however, rather than being greeted by Nao, they speak to Tin, and they are forced to rebirth to level 1. The minimum time between pet rebirths is one week following their birth. Pets can change species if using the appropriate pet card (which allows you to obtain pets with skills they normally would not have).

For example, when rebirthing a Gray Wolf into an Albino King Snake, the snake can have both Smash and Counter skills which it does not naturally have, all at the wolf's rank before rebirth. Note that leveling the snake will not rank up these rebirthed skills at all; they will stay the rank the wolf had them at for the duration of the snake's life. Species-unique abilities cannot be carried over like skills can. You cannot change a spider into a dog and expect it to be able to spin cobwebs.

A rebirth of a pet with the Windmill skill only available when the pet is transformed (such as Black Wolf) into a different pet without Windmill causes the new pet to have Windmill at the same rank on its skill list, but the skill is unusable unless the pet naturally has the ability to use windmill. The same goes for a Thunder Spaniel's Thunder skill.

A pet's overall level means nothing. For example, say you want your Orange Pixie to learn rank 6 Critical Hit, which requires it to be level 60. You cannot simply get it to level 30, use a rebirth card on it, and get it to level 30 again and get the skill rank 6. Only the current level applies to skills.


  • Pets' hunger can go down to 10%. At that point, a system message will say that your pet is "very hungry".
  • Pets may also earn titles if certain conditions are met. These pet titles have no effect on the creature's stats, however.
  • See Pet Commands to find out more on how to control the pet.
  • See also Pets List for a breakdown of pets and their abilities, Pet Comparisons for overall differences, and Pet AI for pet AIs.

Pets Currently in NA

Bold are the latest pets in the Premium Shop(only in normal skin)
Italic are pets that cannot be obtained any longer