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Phantom Roar

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For the Roar used by Griffin, Yellow Tiger Cub, and White Tiger Cub, see Roar.
For the Bone Dragon's Roar, see Petrifying Roar.
For the Roar used by other monsters, see Roar (Monster).


  • Possessed only by the Wraith.
  • The Wraith roars fiercely.
    • The Wraith will attempt to use it immediately on spawn, and then again every 60 or so seconds.
    • The Wraith is invulnerable just before/during the roar.
  • Pets, partners, and players hit will be stunned for a few seconds.
  • All pets/partners hit by the roar will be desummoned, with the message "Phantom's Roar has desummoned your pet/partner!"
  • All players hit by the roar will be inflicted with a debuff that prevents them from summoning any pet/partner until the Wraith(s) that hit the player with it are defeated.
    • If the player is hit by multiple roars, then all wraiths that hit the player must be defeated.
  • Can be dodged by using invulnerability frames, the most method common being Divine Link's casting animation.
  • Has a very large radius, approximately the size of a dungeon room from end to end.