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Phoenix Egg Hatching Event (2012)

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April 4th, 2012 - April 18th, 2012
Phoenix Egg Hatching Event Advertisement


Rise up with gift [sic] from the ashes

Spring is the time for new life to be born, and Nao is giving you the opportunity to be a part of that process. She’s handing out some nifty rewards, too!

Here’s how you can be a part of the cycle of life:

1) You’ll be given a Phoenix Egg when you log in to the game while this event is in progress (April 4 to April 18). Stay logged in for a cumulative time of 600 minutes to incubate the egg. At a certain time each day, it’ll be ready to hatch! For the best rewards, make sure to log in before that time and make sure the egg has been fully incubated.
2) When the egg hatches, you’ll have a chance to obtain amazing items like these:
- Phoenix Earplug
- Love Whistle
- Phoenix Feather Sword
- Magical Phoenix Feather Sword
- And more!
3) Can’t reach 600 minutes? You’ll also be rewarded for simply taking care of the egg. The more time you’ve incubated your egg, the better your prizes!
4) Hint: We heard that eggs appreciate warmth and good music![1]


File:Phoenix Egg Examine Window.png
The egg's status window.
  • Upon log-in, you will receive the quest Take Care of the Phoenix and a Phoenix Egg.
  • You can examine the egg's status by right-clicking it and choosing "Check Egg." This cannot be done while on a mount.
  • As time passes the bar on the egg begins to fill up and the flame inside the egg will grow bigger.
    • The egg must sit in a player's inventory for 10 hours of real life time to reach full incubation.
      • Full incubation is not needed for Phoenix's Gift coupon, however required for more coupons.
        • When coupons are used a reward is given to the player
      • Logging off does not effect the egg's progress
  • There are three levels of color for the egg to become.
    • It is unknown how the color of egg effects the incubation time
    • The first level is the default color as shown in the examine picture. The second is an orange tint on the egg and the third is a red tint on the egg. To proceed to the next level in color, the player must be beside a campfire to "warm" the egg or play music to entertain the egg.
      • The effects do no stack and will only effect the egg on the first succeeded of each action.
        • You only need to be beside one campfire while it ends and play music successfully one time to the egg for the egg to be fully red tinted.
    • Being near a Campfire when it ends will make the egg become warmer, making the egg turn more red tinted.
      • If the egg already holds the effect from a previous camp fire, there will be no change in the egg.
        • The effects do not stack so sitting beside further fires is completely useless.
    • Playing music successfully allows the egg to "enjoy itself" and become a more red tinted in the egg examine window.
      • A failed play with have no effect.
      • You must play the music yourself for it to have an effect on the egg.
      • If the egg already holds the effect of a successful play, there will be no effect.

* A bug removes the egg from the inventory if the player moves to the housing channel and back, reseting the progress bar to zero.

Day 1 Hatch Time



Take Care of the Phoenix
How to Get Quest

Login during the Phoenix Egg Hatching Event

Briefing Phoenix eggs are due to start hatching now. The Phoenix is widely coveted by poachers, so it's your duty to keep the Phoenix Eggs safe. The Phoenix will be healthier the longer you stay with it. I recommend you keep the egg warm by resting near a Campfire or playing an instrument to it. -Nao Pryderi-
  • Participate in the Take Care of Phoenix Event
  • 10000 Experience Points


Regular Phoenix Gift Box



Fine Phoenix Gift Box