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Phoenix Egg Hatching Event (2018)

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Phoenix Egg Hatching Event Advertisement
May 10th - 31st, 2018
For similar events, see Phoenix Egg Hatching Event (disambiguation).


The Phoenix Egg Hatching Event is back to warm us all! Log in to receive a Phoenix Egg. Help it hatch by staying logged in, sitting near fires, and more! The better care you give your egg, the better chances you have at getting the top prizes! You can even get a brand new Mini Thunderbird pet and the new Leaf Dancer 2nd title. Check out the full details here!

  • Log in to Mabinogi to be given a Phoenix Egg.
  • Stay logged into Mabinogi to tend to the egg, helping it grow. It's said that the warmth of a campfire and the melodic tones of music can help the egg grow even better.
  • The Phoenix Egg appearance will slowly change the more you take care of it.
  • At 7:00 PM PDT, your Phoenix Egg will hatch. Those with an untended Phoenix Egg will receive a few Phoenix Feathers, while those with better incubated eggs will receive a Phoenix Gift Box in addition to Phoenix Feathers!
  • Phoenix Feathers are used to revive other players and pets. You can normally buy these from any healer's shop.
  • Those online when their egg hatches will receive 2 Phoenix Gift Coupons, while those that are not will receive 1 Phoenix Gift Coupon.
  • Use these coupons to receive a gift box depending on how well you took care of your egg.
  • Treat your Phoenix Egg right and get it to the highest quality to earn the "Phoenix's Witness" title.
  • Receive a new Phoenix Egg every day after the previous day's egg hatches to get another shot at the best boxes.[1]


The egg's five stages from when you receive it, to its full point before hatching.
  • Warning: The egg gets removed upon entering ANY channel not running the event, such as the Housing Channel, or a previously crashed channel.
  • Upon log-in, you will receive a Phoenix Egg.
  • You can examine the egg's status by right-clicking it and choosing "Check Egg." This cannot be done while on a mount.
  • The egg hatches at 7:00pm PST100.
    • After hatching the player will receive a certain amount of Phoenix's Gift coupons depending how much of their incubation bar is filled. See the content below.
    • The player will receive a new egg to replace their last.
  • As time passes the bar on the egg begins to fill up and the flame inside the egg will grow bigger.
    • The egg must sit in a player's inventory for 10 hours of real life time to reach full incubation.
      • 600 Incubation Points is the maximum points. Generally 60 Incubation Points are earned every hour starting from 0 Points.
      • Full incubation is not needed for Phoenix's Gift coupon.
        • When the coupon is used the player will receive a reward.
      • Logging off does not affect the egg's status, nor its hatching at the scheduled time. However, you will only receive one Phoenix's Gift instead of two if you are not online at the time of hatching.
  • There are three levels of color for the egg to become.
    • The first level is the default color as shown in the examine picture. The second is an orange tint on the egg and the third is a red tint on the egg. To proceed to the next level in color, the player must be beside a campfire to "warm" the egg or play music to entertain the egg.
      • The effects do not stack and will only affect the egg on the first completion of each action.
    • Being near a Campfire will make the egg become warmer, making the egg turn more red tinted.
      • You do not need to use Rest, standing next to a campfire will count even if you didn't place the campfire.
      • If the egg already holds the effect from a previous campfire, there will be no change in the egg.
      • Campfires from a Camp Kit effects the egg after three minutes. It does not speed up incubation time any more than being outside does.
    • Playing music successfully allows the egg to "enjoy itself" and become a more red tinted in the egg examine window.
      • A failed play will have no effect.
        • Even if the song does not count as a "success" because it is too low ranked, if played successfully, the effect on the egg will still occur.
      • You must play the music yourself for it to have an effect on the egg.
      • An easy way to do this is to partake Barry's Part-time Job, which gives a Score Scroll that has a high chance of granting successes.
    • You only need to be beside one campfire while it ends and play music successfully once for the egg to be fully red tinted.
      • Being next to additional campfires or playing additional successful songs will display a message saying no effect occured.
    • The color of the egg does not affect the incubation time.
    • To receive a Finest Phoenix Gift Box (2018), the egg must have both the music and the campfire effect.
      • Even with 600/600 points, if the egg does not have both effects, only a Fine Phoenix Gift Box (2018) will be given.



Regular Phoenix Gift Box (2018)

Fine Phoenix Gift Box (2018)

Finest Phoenix Gift Box (2018)