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For the owner's version, see Shopmaster's Key.
For more information, see Marketplace Channel.


Inventory icon of Placard

1 × 1

A piece of paper on which an advertisement for a shop and items currently being sold there is printed.
Having many of these makes it easier to compare prices.
You can go directly to the shop selling the item if you right-click on it and select 'Use'.
To remove it from your inventory, right-click the item and select 'Destroy'.


Placard in Use
  • Placards, formerly and concurrently also known as Flyers, are useable lists of items detailing what's for sale in a specific Marketplace Channel shop.
  • Right click the placard and select "use" to see the list and be given the option to move to the seller's Marketplace Shop.
    • Placards can only be used once.
    • Placards can be used inside of the Marketplace Channel.
    • Using a Placard outside the Marketplace Channel will create a one-time use Return Ticket that will teleport the character to their original location.
      • Return Tickets will expire after 3 hours.
      • You may have more than one Return Ticket, but Return Tickets do not label where they send you.
  • Placards have the option of destroying an individual Placard, or all Placards at once.
  • Placards expire 24 hours after the seller starts the ad.
    • However, if the seller starts a new ad, the expired Placards will become usable again.
  • You can only have one Placard per seller at a time.

Methods to Obtain

  • Placard can be found via Marketplace Ad Boards.
    • The Shop Placard Bulletin can be also accessed from inside of any Marketplace Shop.