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Potion Poisoning

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File:PotionPoison.png Potion Poisoning is a status inflicted on the player when the he/she has drunk too many potions in short period of time. Certain stats are reduced until it wears off.



Drinking too many potions in succession will cause the reduction of certain stats.

  • Too many HP and Wound-type potions will cause Will and Intelligence to decrease every time a potion is consumed.
  • Too many Stamina-type potions will cause Will to decrease every time a potion is consumed.
  • Too many MP-type potions will cause Strength to decrease every time a potion is consumed.

Hybrid potions such as Full Recovery Potions and HP & MP 30 Potions will count towards the type healed. (i.e. The HP & MP 30 Potion would reduce the stats corresponding to both HP and MP potions.)

Stages of Potion Poisoning

Before the player enters the Potion Poisoning status, there will be stages where the game will warn the player. When the player is in a certain stage and consumes any kind of potion, a message will appear. Depending on the stage, the player will heal more points from the potion than they normally would. However, the player's stats will decrease for every potion drank in this stage, based on the potion's Toxicity. The player may refrain from using potions in order for their stats to heal, but if they still continue to use them, then they will be afflicted with the Potion Poisoning status.

Stage Message Effect/Notes Stat decrease (per 30 recovery pot) Number of 30 recovery potions
0 No message No effect (This is the stage that a player starts out with.) 0 0
1 "It feels like the potion works better than before" Any potion used is 1x to 1.3x as effective. 0-1 ~15
2 "This potion is effective!" Any potion used is 1.3x as effective. 1-2 ?
3 "This potion is clearly effective, but it feels weird somehow." Any potion used is 1.3x to 1.6x as effective. 2 ?
4 "The potion has some side effects." File:PotionPoison.png The player is afflicted with the Potion Poison status.
Any potion used is 1.6x as effective.
3 ~30
5 "The potion worked as it should, but it had some bad side-effects too." Any potion used is 1.6x to 2x as effective. 3-9 ?
6 "Anymore of this potion is dangerous!" Any potion used is 2x-3x as effective. 9+ ?

The two timers of Potion Poisoning

There are two timers that are associated with Potion Poisoning, although they are independent of each other:

  • The first timer determines the effectiveness of the potions and the message the game displays when when a potion is consumed. When the player drinks a potion, it contributes to pushing the poisoning messages down a stage. If the player stops drinking potions, then the timer will steadily take the player up the poisoning message stages, until Stage 0. This timer acts relatively fast compared to the second timer.
  • The second timer is the healing of the player's stats. Stats will be restored at the rate of two points per minute. When the player's stats are returned to normal, and if they were afflicted with Potion Poisoning status, then the status will be removed as well.

Negative Stats

Although a reduced stat displays as 0, it may be in the negatives. Drinking potions during Potion Poisoning will reduce the stat until it is at -100% of its original value. The higher of a certain stat the player has, the "deeper" they can enter into the negatives, allowing them enjoy the activated bonuses of Potion Poisoning-based enchants for a longer duration.

Enchants that activate during Potion Poisoning

The effects described in parenthesis only activate when the player is inflicted with the Potion Poisoning Status (When the File:PotionPoison.png icon appears below the player's name).

Potion Poisoning and Rebirth

Potion Poisoning transcends rebirth. Thus, if the player is in in Stage 4 or deeper prior to his/her rebirth, they will enter Poison Poisoning status if they drink even one potion after they have rebirthed.