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Warning icon.png This article may contain contents that could vary on different servers.
Please use the discussion page to indicate any discrepancies.

In order to upgrade weapons, armor/clothing, or shields, proficiency needs to be gained on the item in question. Weapons earn proficiency through each hit (hitting three targets in one hit = one hit), armor/clothing earn it through the wearer being hit. Shields earn proficiency through successfully defended attacks.[1]

Robes and accessories do not gain proficiency.

Also, for gaining proficiency for armor, wearing other equipment may prevent the armor from getting proficiency. For example, wearing a shield while receiving an undefended melee attack does not always give armor proficiency; wearing a robe while receiving an undefended melee attack will give armor proficiency about 50% of the time

To gain proficiency through the Gathering category, simply use the item through Life skills (e.g., gathering wool, wood, etc.). In the Music category, the user must play any music.[2] To gain proficiency in all other categories, the monster in question must be ranked as Weak or higher; Weakest will not yield any proficiency.

Credit for the following information goes to the Mabinogi Wiki (JP).



Thursday Chart

Please note that this chart only applies on Thursdays.[1] Template:Proficiency


  1. 1.0 1.1 This is currently unimplemented on the North American server at this time of writing.
  2. You will gain proficiency regardless of the song difficulty when playing. In fact, you get the 0.3 or 0.6 proficiency as soon as you start. Therefore you can alternate between the skill hotkey and escape(if you have esc to cancel skills on) to quickly raise the proficiency on your instrument. You do not need to finish playing the song to accumulate the points.