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Proficiency is a numerical value on an item that shows how long the item has been used in the current state. It is needed in order to upgrade weapons, armor/clothing, or shields. Proficiency does not reset when the item is transferred to a different player, and it only resets when the item has been upgraded/modified by a blacksmith.

Proficiency is shown as XX(xx.x%) in game. To evaluate the total proficiency of an item (normally requested by players), this can be simply interpreted as [XX.xx]%, where [101.00]% or 100(100.0%) is the maximum proficiency that can be achieved on an item. When the number in the parenthesis reaches +0(100.0%) the digit outside will go up by one and will automatically be +1(0.0%).

Broken (0 Durability) equipment will not gain proficiency until repaired. The proficiency gain stops the moment they break, so whatever action caused it to break will not count.

To gain proficiency from a monster, the monster in question must be ranked as Weak or higher; Weakest monsters will not yield any proficiency for weapons.

Equipment Categories

  • Weapons earn proficiency through each hit.
    • Wands will gain proficiency while using magic as well as used as a melee weapon.
    • Cylinders will gain proficiency while using alchemy as well as used as a melee weapon.
      • This includes summoning barrier spike and golems, and using intermediate magic crystals. But the attacks from a golem will not give proficiency.
    • Skills that hit multiple times will give proficiency for each hit. Skills like Flame Burst and Thunder will give proficiency for each successive hit. Hitting multiple targets will only count as one hit for each hit.
    • However, if the player is dual wielding and only hits the target once rather than twice (ie: on the final blow or attacking a target using Defense), only the weapon in the right hand slot will gain proficiency.[1]
    • If a player is Dual Wielding and using normal attacks, the weapon in the off-hand slot will gain proficiency slightly more frequently.
      • However, if the player spams windmill instead of using normal melee attacks, both weapons will gain proficiency at an equal rate.
    • When using a bow to fire arrows, the proficiency gain is based on the "Ranged (%)" column. However, when using Close-combat skills such as Windmill or Counterattack, the bow proficiency gain is based on the "Melee (%)" column.
  • Armor/clothing earn proficiency through the wearer being hit and from simply being worn.
    • When wearing the armor/clothing, it will gain proficiency every five real time minutes.
    • For gaining proficiency for armor, wearing other equipment may prevent the armor from getting proficiency. This includes equipment such as Headgear, Gloves, Footwear, Shields and Robes.
  • Shields earn proficiency through successfully defended attacks, as well as from simply being worn.
    • When the shield is in an active equipment slot, it will gain 0.07% proficiency every 5 real time minutes.
    • When an attack is defended with the Defense skill and a shield is equipped, it will gain proficiency.
    • A shield may randomly gain proficiency if it is in an active equipment slot and the user is hit. This chance is dependent on how many other armor items are being worn (any equipment slot excluding weapons)
    • Shields also gain proficiency (and lose durability) by attacking with the Charge skill, similar to weapons.
  • Gathering tools earn proficiency through use of the item with Life skills (e.g., gathering wool, wood, etc.).
    • You will still gain proficiency if the gathering attempt fails, even if this is because the object you attempted to gather from has been depleted.

Equipment Proficiency Chart


  • Defend (%) is for shields only.
  • Only gathering tools gain the full gathering proficiency. For example, a Gathering Knife gets the full gathering proficiency when shearing a sheep but using a sword will only get a fraction of that (this is the numbers shown in the parentheses).
  • As of G13 Nexon has changed the way proficiency is awarded. Lower ages now gain much more Proficiency.

Thursday Total Proficiency Chart

Please note that this chart only applies on Thursdays. Template:Proficiency

Proficiency training tips

  • Wands gain proficiency from magic as well as combat.
  • If using a wand, healing is the spell most easily castable.
    • In order to make full use of this, one should stand by a Mana Tunnel in the day and Meditate during the night.
    • Using Human transformation to refill MP while in Rabbie Arena also works.
    • Healing does not require stamina to cast on yourself when you are already max health.
  • Instruments can also be used as a melee weapon to train proficiency.
  • For shields, you could hit something ONCE and then use Defense and walk back. After the mob has hit you, you can load defense and walk away from the mob.
    • In addition, CP classes do not affect proficiency gained for shields. (This means that all monsters will give Defend (Proficiency) %.)
  • It is possible to train proficiency on melee weapons more quickly by using elemental enchanted equipment to reduce both damage dealt and damage received by monsters of the same element. An example of this is using a full lightning set against Wisps. Even a low level character will take very little damage from a Wisp with one of these sets equipped.
  • It is possible to gain proficiency by attacking the barrier spikes in provocation but only while under the effects of a Tendering Potion.
    • This is the fastest way as it allows a nonstop attack with autocombat enabled.
  • A simple trick to get one more hit on monsters is to create a one person party and change the finish rule to "Anyone in the party".
  • Enchantments that decrease CP may be useful in training proficiency.
  • When 2 arrows are fired with an Elf the weapon gains proficiency for both arrows.
    • ie., if an age 25 Elf hits a monster twice with one attack, he/she will gain 64.8 proficiency rather than 32.4
  • When dual wielding, the weapon in the left hand always attacks first, allowing it to always gain proficiency before the weapon in the right hand weapon.
  • Another way to prof Wands and Bows is go to Tir Na Nog or Tara's shadow mission, Their Method, and spam Icebolt or Arrows on Zombies. It's recommended to use a transformation if you're going to mix magic or ranged with melee.
  • Another way to prof Swords and Bows is by spamming normal attack against the Grim Reaper in Guardian of Avon because it does not get knocked back.


  1. Hitting more than one monster at once will result in the proficiency of only one hit. This includes scenarios such as using Windmill, Flame Burst, Fireball or Weapon splash.
  2. You will gain proficiency regardless of the song difficulty when playing. In fact, you get the 0.3 or 0.6 proficiency as soon as you start. Therefore you can alternate between the skill hotkey and your 'cancel skill' hotkey. to quickly raise the proficiency on your instrument.You do not need to finish playing the song to accumulate the points.
  3. You will receive proficiency as if it were a melee weapon which can be much faster than alternating the buttons for play/stop playing. It also uses up less durability.


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