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(Week One Riddle Rewards: doubled.)
(Week One Riddle Answers)
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-''Hidden Beast''
-''Hidden Beast''
*"I like pans." is [[Dragonfly]]
*"I like pans." or "Idl Rai Kge Opn Fan Lsy" is [[Dragonfly]]
*"Someday I will be a great chef." or "Soblmae Dcakyhi Waiilrl Beedabg Ruefaft Cahlefo" is [[Black-haired Buffalo]]
*"Someday I will be a great chef." or "Soblmae Dcakyhi Waiilrl Beedabg Ruefaft Cahlefo" is [[Black-haired Buffalo]]
*"I feel terribly sick." or "Ybolu Luooe Ktwer Ribal Yrsic Kngow" is [[Blue Warg]]  
*"I feel terribly sick." or "Ybolu Luooe Ktwer Ribal Yrsic Kngow" is [[Blue Warg]]  

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First event: July 1st 2011 ~ July 7th 2011
Second event: July 8th 2011 ~ July 14th 2011
Third event: July 15th 2011 ~ July 24st 2011
Fourth Event: July 22nd 2011 ~ July 31st 2011


The Puzzlemaster

This Friday, July 1st, a new event starting in Mabinogi will require a different kind of weapon. It won't be a sword, a bow, or a mace. This weapon won't come from alchemy or magic. It will come from within. It will come from the mind!

Adventurers will receive a challenge from the renowned Puzzlemaster, who has recently wandered into Dunbarton. Those with the greatest wit and intellectual guile will take up the new position of Puzzlemaster! However, take heed! These puzzles and riddles are no simple feats! When ready to take on a challenge from the Puzzlemaster, speak to him and he will hand you a riddle book. Within the pages of the riddle book is a garbled message with a single hint that can be used to solve the message.

When the message has been decoded, bring news of success back to the Puzzlemaster. Impressed, the Puzzlemaster will reward anyone able to solve his riddles with a Reward Box. If you would like to seek further knowledge and desire to conquer more of the Puzzlemaster's riddles, feel free to gather more riddle books and prove your razor wit! The Puzzlemaster will only give out riddle books for one week, from July 1st to July 7th.

After you solve the first of the Puzzlemaster's riddles, two sisters who are looking for their missing husbands will ask you for your help. Your skills are well known and widespread, it seems! Speak with Arissa and Eve to solve the mystery of their missing husbands.

On July 8th, the Puzzlemaster will have a new challenge. Gather Puzzlemaster Marks from creatures and monsters seem to be an even challenge. The Puzzlemaster will trade a Reward Box for ten Puzzlemaster Marks, but only if you can determine a number sequence first! You may trade Puzzlemaster Marks to the Puzzlemaster for one week, from July 8th to July 14th.

On the third week of the event, the Puzzlemaster will once again change up this game. This time, you will need to solve an actual puzzle. You may collect pieces to this puzzle from monsters who appear to be an even challenge. Bring these puzzle pieces back to the Puzzlemaster and solve the image. Your reward will once again be a Reward Box. Puzzle week lasts from July 15th to July 21st.

When the fourth week of the Puzzlemaster's trickery, you will be tasked with building the best possible hand of cards! As with the last two weeks, you can get cards from monsters all around Erinn. Your job is to build the best hand you can with the cards that you've collected. Four of a kind, a straight, a suited straight, or similar will result in a Reward Box. The reward box will be better depending on the strength of your hand. You'll only have a week to build your hands, so get it done between July 22nd and July 31st! You'll get a few extra days to play your hands, so make them count![1]


Week One Riddle Answers

Week One Riddle Rewards


Upon solving the Puzzlemaster's riddle in week one, users will receive the quest Paul's Final Message.