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Rabbie Dungeon

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File:Rabbie small.jpg
Rabbie Dungeon.

Rabbie Dungeon is a subterranean maze located in northwestern Dunbarton. Skeletons appear in large numbers here, and are peerless foes for those less experienced. Once accustomed to their patterns, clearing this dungeon may be easier than doing so in Ciar. When Rabbie is done alone, instead of the normal golden goblins and goblin archers that appear in the boss room, a succubus appears.


General Info

Drop Item: Any Item
Number of Floors: 3
Visible Floors: None


Note: If you wish to fight Black Succubus and you do not want to solo the entire dungeon, go with a party, clear the dungeon, and then have everyone in the party leave the dungeon (make sure you leave the party) before you open the boss room.

Monster Spawn Patterns


Party Quests

Scroll Reward Sold by
Hunt 10 Gold Goblins 159 Exp, 357 Gold Eavan
Hunt 30 Skeletons 882 Exp, 2352 Gold
Hunt 30 Red Skeletons 972 Exp, 2592 Gold
Hunt 30 Metal Skeletons 1107 Exp, 2949 Gold
Hunt 30 Skeleton Wolves 624 Exp, 1560 Gold
Hunt 10 Metal Skeletons
Hunt 20 Red Skeletons
762 Exp, 1890 Gold


General Info

Drop Item: Rabbie Basic Fomor Pass
Number of Floors: 4
Visible Floors: None


Monster Combinations