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Rank A Enchants

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Scroll Name Enchantable Item Effect Item Dropped By
Intricate Weapon Level 26+ Max Stamina -20
Level 14+ MaxHP +5
Tailoring Rank -A Dex +8
Advance Weapon Edern
Blessing Hat Level 20+ Balance -15
Level 20+ Crit +5
Level 15+ Max Stamina +10
Hairband Mimic
Great Mimic
Gloss Accessory MaxHp +5
Dex +5
Luck +5
Int +5
Accessory Nao's 20th Birthday Present
Sturdy Glove? Level 15+ Balance +3~5% Lute Math Normal Reward


Scroll Name Enchantable Item Effect Item Dropped By
Bloody Armour, Hat, Acs Above Level 7 Max Life + 4~7 Enchant Scroll Ciar Beginner Reward
Earth Footgear, Unknown Critical Hit Above Rank B MaxHP -15
Above Level 25 Str +3
Defense Above Rank C Max Stamina +5
Sandal Little Black Raccoon
Healer All Healing Above Rank B Will +5
Healing Above Rank B Max life +15
Enchant Above Rank C Stamina -20
Wooden Stick Young Poison Goblin
Fluted Short Sword Barri Basic Reward
Hamster Unknown (Hunter) Max Damage - 8-12
(Tamer) Min Damage - 2-11
Gathering Knife Hunter Young Goblin Archer
Goblin Goblin Archer
Thief All Above Level 25 Max Life -15
Above Level 30 Luck +10
Headband Young Goblin Archer
Wind Handgear, Footgear, Accessories Above Level 7 Dexterity +2~3 Lute Math Normal Reward
Rabbie Basic Reward
Wizard Hat Black Spider