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Difference between revisions of "Rank B Enchants"

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| <font color="Red">Minimum Damage Decrease 5-6</font>
| <font color="Red">Minimum Damage Decrease 5-6</font>
| Gathering Knife
| Gathering Knife
| [[Goblin#Young Goblin|Young Goblin/Poison Goblin]]
| [[Goblin#Young Goblin|Young Goblin/Young Poison Goblin]]
|- style="background-color: #fff;" align="center"
|- style="background-color: #fff;" align="center"

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Scroll Name Enchantable Item Effect Dropped By
Fire Elemental All Fire Red Skeleton
Gray Gremlin
Ice Elemental All Ice Giant Spider
Red Spider
Green Gremlin
Dark Blue Spider
Lightning Elemental All Lightning Metal Skeleton
Brown Gremlin


Scroll Name Enchantable Item Effect Item Dropped By
Fox All Above Level 14 Min Damage 1~2
Max Damage 1~4
Broad Stick Ciar Normal/Basic Reward
Rabbie Normal Reward
Popo's Shirt and Pants Metal Skeleton
Hamster Hunter All Max Damage Decrease 10~12 Gathering Knife Goblin
Hamster Tamer All Minimum Damage Decrease 5-6 Gathering Knife Young Goblin/Young Poison Goblin
Paper Crafted All Balance Damage Decrease 24-30%
Enchant Scroll Random 50% scroll enchant
Scrupulous Clothes and Armor When Lightning Bolt rank is over B Dexterity 5 Increase
When Smash rank is over B Dexterity 5 Increase
When Arrow Revolver rank is over B Dexterity 5 Increase
Dagger Alby Basic Reward


Scroll Name Enchantable Item Effect Item Dropped By
Considerate All Above Level 17 Intelligence 2~3 Wizard Hat Red Spider
Dark Blue Spider
Fierce Weapon Below Level 20 -5 Stamina
Level 15+ Str +5
Windmill Rank B+ MaxHP +10
Long Sword Amazing Race Prize
Fountain All Above Level 8 Max Mana Increase 4~7 Enchant Scroll Ciar Beginner Reward
Fortunate All Luck Increase 1~2 Weeding Hoe Kobold
Pant and vest Set Red Bear
Giant All Int -15
Combat Mastery B+ MaxHp +5
Combat Mastery B+ Str +5
Enchant Scroll Ciar Basic Chest
Rabbie Basic Chest
Fluted Sword Barri Basic Reward
Sustainer All Max Stamina 5~8 Enchant Scroll Ciar Beginner Reward