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Rank E Enchants

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Scroll Name Enchantable Item Effect Item Dropped By
Fox Hunter's All Above Level 3 Max Damage +2~4 Cores' Thief Gloves Skeleton Wolf
Hyena's All Above Level 15 Max Stamina -2
Above Level 5 Max HP +2
Gathering Axe Mimic
Restful Cloth Armor Above Level 5 Will +1
Above Level 15 Luck +3
Above Level 25 Stamina +3
Popo's Skirt White Wolf
Enchanted Scroll Rabbie Basic Chest
Ciar Basic Chest
Sharp All Above Level 12 Crit Rate +2% Vest and Pants Set Black Wolf
Cores' Theif Gloves Brown Bear
Broad Stick Ciar Normal Reward
the Mist Boots Above Level 25 MaxHP +8
Below Level 5 HitPoints +2
Enchanted Scroll Rabbie Basic Chest
Wave-patterned Long Boots (No Gloss) Rabbie Basic Reward
Thin Leather Shoes Brown Dire Wolf
Cheap All Damage Balance Decrease 2-8% ? ?
Donkey Hunter's All Max Damage Decrease 4-6 ? Math Normal Reward
Pelican Slayer's All Max Injury Rate Decrease 4-6% ? ?
Rusty All Crit -2% Broad Stick Ciar Basic Reward
Weeding Hoe Kobold
Sheep Raising's Weapon Above Level 5, Max Stamina +3
Above Level 10, Max Life +3

Under Level 15, STR -5
Broad Stick Kobold
Gathering Knife Deian
Unstable Clothes and Armor Critical Rate +4%
When Critical Hit is above Rank E, STR -2
Above Level 13, Damage Balance -5%
Cooking Knife Fiodh Intermediate Reward
Hard Iron Weapons and Armor Above Level 5, STR +1
Under Level 18, Max Life +8
Above Level 25, Dexterity +3
Dagger Alby Basic Reward


Scroll Name Enchantable Item Effect Item Dropped By
Swamp All Max Stamina -3~4 Vest and Pants Set Black Wolf
the Brown Bear All Combat Mastery above B Strength +2
Combat Mastery below E MaxHP +3
Gathering Knife Brown Bear
Red Fox Weapons Above Level 5, Max Life +2
Above Level 10, Max Stamina +2

Above Level 15, Max Mana -2
Gathering Knife Red Fox
Crayfish All Defense Decrease 4~6 ? ?
Dryness All Max Mana Decrease 5~9 ? ?
Jade All Protection Increases 2~4% ? ?
Opal Handgear Under Level 5, Dexterity -2
Above Level 25, Max Stamina +10
? ?
Rich Handgear, footgear, and Accessories Above Level 5, Luck Increase 2~3 ? ?