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Rebirth Potion Parade Event (2019)

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Rebirth Potion Parade Event (2019) Advertisement
May 16th, 2019 - June 3rd, 2019


It's never been easier to get Rebirth Potions! Complete a shadow mission daily to receive 3x Incomplete Rebirth Potions, and combine 10 for a Rebirth Potion![1]

Event Details

  • Log in to receive the event quest: "Caravan Joe's Favor"
  • Register a main character with Parade Helper Caravan Joe in Dunbarton.
  • Talk to Caravan Joe every day to receive the daily mission quest!
    • This is incorrect. You do not need to talk to Caravan Joe. The quest is automatically given to the registered character upon daily login.
  • Clear any[sic] shadow mission to complete the daily quest: "Obtain Incomplete Rebirth Potion".
    • The quest actually requires you to complete any Daily Shadow Mission, not any shadow mission.
    • Daily mission quest will reset at 7:00 am PDT.
  • Completing the daily quest will reward 3 Incomplete Rebirth Potions (Tradable).
  • Combine 10 Incomplete Rebirth Potions (Tradable) to receive a Rebirth Potion.


Event Quest

  • This quest is given only once to the player at the start of the event or the first time player has logged in any time during the duration of the event.

[Guide] Caravan Joe's Favor

[Guide] Caravan Joe's Favor
How to Get Quest

Log in during the Rebirth Potion Parade Event (2019)

Briefing The Rebirth Potion Parade is in town! Come find me at the Dunbarton Town Square to learn more.
  • 5000 Experience Points
  • 3000 Gold

Daily Quest

  • These are quests held each real day for the duration of the event.

[Event] Obtain Incomplete Rebirth Potion

[Event] Obtain Incomplete Rebirth Potion
How to Get Quest

Complete [Guide] Caravan Joe's Favor.

Briefing Clear a Daily Shadow Mission
  • Clear a Daily Shadow Mission of any difficulty
Additional Information

Resets at 7:00 AM PDT