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Editing a chair: Refined Afternoon Tea Table

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Item info:

Description: Use <br/> for line breaks, otherwise new lines will not be italicized
Icon: PNG preferred, Leave blank to use chair name
Extra Picture: PNG or GIF preferred, Leave blank if no detail needs to be shown
Extra Picture Description: Description of the picture.
Inventory Size (W x H): x
Obtain List: e.g. === Gachapons ===
*[[Mystic Memory Box]]
Repairable: All Repair Rates have the same cost

Chair Information:

Seats: Leave blank if unknown
Selectable Seat: Player can pick where they want to sit. (Used for some chairs with 3 or more seats)
Gendered Animation: See Reading Chair as an example of Gender Specific animations. Select "Unknown" if not known.
Gendered Animation (Giant): See Reading Chair as an example of Gender Specific animations. Select "Unknown" if not known. Giants use animations seperate from Elves and Humans!
Recovery Rate: Check the box if a chair uses Rest when sitting. Wounds recovered per second are flat. Number only (e.g. 0.5)
Fishing: Fishing Chairs with multiple seats exist.
NPC: NPCs spawned when sitting100 can be interacted with, using the Interaction Crafter. Open it and check under "Prop" to see if a chair is applicable.
No Overlap: Prevents the player from spawning the chair in/near other props and players' chairs.
Playing Music: Instrument: Equip an Instrument (and optionally, scroll) before sitting, and then use Playing Instrument.
Scrolls: Insert a Score Scroll by right-clicking, that will automatically play when sitting.

Part dyed, Dye Palette, and Dye Ampoule Type required:

Flashy Dye Available
Dye Slot Palette #1 Leave the field empty if not available, enter ? if not known
Dye Slot Palette #2
Dye Slot Palette #3
Dye Slot Palette #4
Dye Slot Palette #5
Dye Slot Palette #6

Trade Information:

Can be banked
Can be withdrawn with other characters
Can be stored in Pets
Can be traded to others
Can be sold via Personal Shops/Auction House
Can be dropped or destroyed
Can be picked up by others
Can be sold to NPCs
Enter the value here. Make sure that the chair is fully repaired before checking on the value ingame.
Can be fed to Spirit Weapons

Free text: