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Remote Blacksmith Coupon

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Remote Blacksmith Coupon.png x200px
1 x 1 Item Shop Image

A convenient coupon that allows the owner to fix armors and weapons through Blacksmith without actually having to pay a visit. The NPC in charge of fixing will differ, based on where the owner is located at the time. Can't move during the repair.


  • Can be bought from the Item Shop
    • Sold for 200 NX for 1, and 800 NX for 5 (save 200 NX [20%]).
  • Can stack up to 10 and takes up 1x1 inventory.
  • Cannot be traded among players.
  • Do not expire and can be kept stored for long periods of time.
  • The Blacksmith NPC closest to you at the time of use will be performing the repairs.