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Return to Doki Doki Island Event (March 2019)

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Doki Doki Island Advertisement
For information about the island, see Doki Doki Island (Location).
March 14th, 2019 – April 11rd, 2019


It's time to celebrate the 11th Anniversary with the return of Doki Doki Island! There's new rewards, featuring the Candy Pop sets for each race and gender, and a new, romantic way to fly around Doki Doki's gorgeous beaches. Check out the full details below![1]


  • Log in to receive the Doki Doki Island Festival and The Tale of the Harmony Torch quests.
  • To go to Doki Doki Island, talk to Caravan Joe, located at Dunbarton square. To leave the island, talk to Wenger, located near the Metallurgy site.
    • After visiting Doki Doki Island, talking to Caravan Joe will give you two locations to choose from: The Beach (Northeast Doki Doki Island) or the Town Square of Doki Doki Island.


The Soulmate Window
The grand prize of the event, 1st Couples Flight, grants the player the ability to fly as if mounted on a pet.
  • To acquire a Soulmate, simply right click a character to send them a request, or talk to the Matchmaker to register a profile and automatically find a match.
    • You may leave your soulmate, but any points accumulated will be lost.
    • Enabling Auto Refuse Soulmates will cause you to automatically refuse any soulmate requests.
  • The Soulmate Window will inform you of the name and location of the Soulmate and the time spent with them, as well as the amount of Romantic Points you and your partner have earned.
    • At the bottom of the Soulmate Window is a private chatbox that only you and your Soulmate may access.
    • Soulmate's Location is marked "Unknown" if the soulmate is offline, in a different channel, inside a building, or in any Homestead.
    • You can only minimize the Soulmate Window, not close.
  • To earn Romantic Points:
    • Every 100 Romantic Points = 1% on the bar.
      • 100% requires 10,000 Romantic Points.
    • 10 points are awarded every 5 minutes simply from being within 20 meters of your soulmate at any location.
      • It will take 3.47 real-life days using just this method to get 100%.
      • When points are accumulated, the onscreen message will appear: "Your love for your soulmate is getting stronger."
    • 50 Romantic Points are awarded by scoring 50 points in the Doki Doki Dance Party minigame with your soulmate, using the WASD and spacebar keys to dance.
      • The 50 points requirement is based on total points scored; even if one partner does not score any points, it is still possible to meet this requirement.
        • A minimum of 4 sequences must be completed for 50 points.
        • One point is obtained per correct button pressed, regardless of completion.
        • Three additional points are awarded for each completed sequence.
      • There are roughly ~7-20 characters per sequence, and there are ? sequences per dance.
      • Players have 5 seconds to type in a sequence correctly.
      • Mistyping in a sequence will prevent you from further progression on that sequence.
    • 100 points are awarded by completing the Depths of Heart Test from the Psychology Student.
      • This resets at 12 AM per in-game day.
      • The test is a single two-choice question with a 10 second time limit.
      • You and your partner must both choose the same answer in order to pass the test.
      • A Soul Mate Box is given regardless of the outcome of the test.
  • Your soulmate will be indicated with a white triangle on the minimap. However, the triangle disappears from the map if you are too far away from each other.
  • After achieving 20% and 100% Romance Points, the players can talk to the Matchmaker and select "Get Gift" to receive the 2nd Couples Flight and 1st Couples Flight action, respectively. These allow you to fly in Flight Zones similar to a flying mount.
    • 2nd Couples Flight can only be used on Doki Doki Island. 1st Couples Flight is not restricted and can be used anywhere.
    • These actions are permanent, even if you leave your soulmate.

Cat's Paw Shop

Cat's Paws obtained from Wenger the Caretaker's daily quests can be traded with Mansur the Jewel Collector for various rewards. A total of 14 Cat's Eyes can be obtained per character each real-life day. Note that Help Wenger: The Cat's Meow will take away Cat's Eyes. Cat's Eyes can also be obtained through Metallurgy and Fishing while on Doki Doki Island, though they are rare.

Harmony Torch

  • At the Town Square is the Harmony Torch. If players use a Campfire near the Harmony Torch and then Rest next to the campfire for 10 minutes, they will receive a Soul Mate Box and the Lovey Dovey buff.
    • The timer does not reset if you stand up or the campfire expires, and will resume once the you sit back down near a campfire.
    • The notice erroneously appears when sitting down at a campfire at any location.

Concert Hall

  • At the concert hall, a party leader can talk to the Stage Helper to rent the stage for use.
    • All players must be in the same party.
  • Renting is free, and lasts between 5 to 30 minutes, based on the party leader's decision.
    • There is a one minute preparation before players are warped onto the stage.
  • The stage itself holds no significance; players simply occupy the space and are free to do as they please.
  • There is no option that allows the player to exit the stage. However, players will automatically be removed from it if they leave the party, log off, or change channels.

Festival Market

  • Near the Festival Market, you can create your very own dyes from natural ingredients by registering a main character at the Natural Dye Helper.
    • Once registered you can talk to her to start combining ingredients to make your very own natural Dye.
  • Once the dye is made you can click the Dye Ampoule or Metal Dye Ampoule button located in the bottom right hand corner to convert the rest of the color into a new dye.
    • Dyes are based in RGB form for the mini-game.
    • The mini-game can be restarted infinite times, so if you mess up your not forced to get the color you got.
    • When the mini-game is over you have a choice to get a Natural Dye Ampoule to dye sheets a new color and receive some Cat's Paws.
    • You can only get 1 Fixed Color Dye Ampoule or Fixed Color Metal Dye Ampoule a day. The time resets at: 7:00 A.M. PST.
    • This does not apply to the Natural Dye Ampoule which can be collected Infinite times.


  • Help Wenger quests can only be once done daily, resetting at
    7:00am PST
    • Quests received from the previous day can be completed past the reset time, and will not count for completion of the same quest on the current day.
  • You can not receive the quest again if you give it up.

Doki Doki Island Festival

How to Get Quest

Log in during the Doki Doki Island Event

Briefing Doki Doki Island is open! Visit me if you're in the mood for love! I'm in Dunbarton. -Caravan joe

The Tale of the Harmony Torch

How to Get Quest

Log in during the Doki Doki Island Event

Briefing Talk to the Torch Caretaker about the Doki Doki Island Harmony Torch

Help Wenger: Taters Please

How to Get Quest

Talk to Wenger, Offer Help, and select "Potato Delivery".

Briefing I need 30 Potatoes. There's a potato field near the Town Square. You'll need a Weeding Hoe to dig them up. -Wenger

Help Wenger: A Fine Fruit

How to Get Quest

Talk to Wenger, Offer Help, and select "Silvervine Fruit Delivery".

Briefing You need 30 Silvervine Fruits. The silvervine field is near Town Square. and you'd do best to collect to fruit by hand. -Wenger

Help Wenger: A Good Meal

How to Get Quest

Talk to Wenger, Offer Help, and select "Cook a Meal".

Briefing I could go for some Onion Fried Tuna. You'll need to catch a Bluefin Tuna on the southeast Metallurgy shore. then use Cooking and Mixing to make the dish. -Wenger

Help Wenger: On the Line

How to Get Quest

Talk to Wenger, Offer Help, and select "Go Fishing".

Briefing I really need some Salmon. You should be able to fish for some in the southern sea by the Metallurgy site. You're going to need your Fishing Rod and Bait! -Wenger

Help Wenger: On the Line 2

How to Get Quest

Talk to Wenger, Offer Help, and select "Go Fishing 2".

Briefing I really need some Pink Starfish. You should be able to fish for some in the southern sea by the Metallurgy site. You're going to need your Fishing Rod and Bait! -Wenger

Help Wenger: The Cat's Meow

How to Get Quest

Talk to Wenger, Offer Help, and select "Perform Metallurgy".

Briefing I need Cat's Eyes. They're essential for any romantic occasion! You can use Metallurgy on the southeastern coastal site. You might also find them when you're fishing. You'll need a Metallurgy Sieve or a Fishing Rod and Bait. -Wenger