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Portrait of RuaFile:Rua.png
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Entertainer
Horoscope Reader
Location Emain Macha
(Inside the Pub or Rua's House)
Working vs Resting

Track Primrose Beneath the Moon


With charming eyes and a mesmerizing smile, her red soft hair falls over her petite shoulders like water. Her tightly fitted corset and her beautiful dress that reveals her silhouette accentuates her amazing figure. Her beauty is so astonishing it seems out of this world. Her confident look and eyes reminds you, though, that she is from a being of this world after all.

Rua is an entertainer that appears at the Bean Rua Pub/Night Club in Emain Macha. She is the Pub's top diva, and seems to know more about milletians than initially appears.[1] Some residents of Emain Macha believe that Rua is the incarnation of Macha, due to her beauty and charm. However, she claims the rumor to be false.

She can read your daily horoscope and counsel you on a wide variety of topics.

A tracker for whether Rua is working or resting is available at the Mabinoger fansite.


Her dress was made by Ailionoa when she asked her to make a more revealing and comfortable dress.

Mainstream Story




Track Title
Primrose Beneath the Moon
Entering Bean Rua


  • Rua in Irish means "Red Hair" or "Red Haired". Bean Rua, the name of the Pub/Night Club means "Red Haired Lady" or "Red Haired Woman".
  • Rua's NPC track title, "Primrose Beneath the Moon", refers to the fact that Rua only appears at night in Bean Rua (similar to how real-world Evening Primroses bloom at night).
    • Evening primroses are more commonly thought of as yellow or white, though red even primroses do exist (i.e. the ironically day-blooming oenothera versicolor) and many evening primroses turn pinkish-red with age.
    • The title appears to be have a level of linguistic wordplay or confusion; Rua is associated with literal roses (as seen on her outfit), instead of True Primroses (Primula) or Evening Primroses (Oenothera).
    • Another NPC, Brielle, is also associated with the Evening Primrose.



  1. Rua's lines often break the fourth wall.