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Rundal Dungeon

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File:Runda small.jpg
Runda Dungeon.

Runda Dungeon is a subterranean dungeon located in eastern Emain Macha. Each chamber is spacious, and it is relatively easier to avoid being noticed by monsters.



Gold (2000 - ), Stamina 50 Potion, HP 50 Potion, Black Spider Formor, Magic Powder, Tail Cap (Green, Convenient, Stiff)

Party Quests

Scroll Reward Sold by
Hunt 30 Skeletons 882 Exp, 2352 Gold Eavan
Hunt 30 Skeleton Wolves 624 Exp, 1560 Gold
Hunt 10 Flying Swords 1500 Exp, 2298 Gold Comgan

Monster Combinations



Gold, Enchant Scroll (Captain, Pirate), ???