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==Methods to Obtain==
==Methods to Obtain==
*[[Strange Cat Gachapon]]
*[[Strange Cat Gachapon]]
*[[Ornate Glass Box]]
*[[Private Academy Box]]
*[[Floral Regalia Box]]
*[[Floral Regalia Box]]
[[Category:Title Coupons]]
[[Category:Title Coupons]]

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Inventory icon of Scathach 2nd Title Coupon

2 × 1

A coupon that can be used to obtain the Scathach 2nd Title. When set as your 2nd Title, grants M. ATT +40.


Cannot be sold to NPCs.
Can be sold in personal shops.
Can be traded with others.
Can be dropped.
Cannot be picked up by others.
Can be stored in pets.
Can be stored in the bank.
Can be withdrawn by others.
Can be destroyed.

Used In

Methods to Obtain