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(Daru has his sights set on you)
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Basic Information

Scooter Imp.png Life 400 Str 100 File:Scooter Imp 1.png
Mana 20 Int 4
Stam 300 Dex 45
Base Dmg 20 - 26 Will 45
Wound % 0% - 0% Luck 30
Critical 10% Defense 20
Balance 60% Protection 20
Summon Time 100 Min Exp % 150% Speed Rating ? / 380 / ?
(Boost / Run / Walk)
Bag Size 100 (10 × 10) Enemy None Cost 14,900 NX
Pet Type Not Available Attack Speed Normal Hits 2
Special Ability
  • Allows use of Lance Charge, Normal Attacks, and Windmill while mounted. Normal Attacks and Windmill uses some of the player's damage.
  • Executes Running Boost after 5 seconds of riding.
  • Various colors are selectable during creation.
  • Lights your way at night with its front head light
  • Does not increase in size as it ages up unlike other pets.
    • Instead, it changes size depending on the size of the rider and defaults to the size of the owner when no one is riding it.
  • Summoning is canceled when HP reaches 0.
  • Automatically revives itself and executes Burnout when summoned.
  • Executes Farwell Surprise when desummoned.
  • Comes with a Scooter Helmet.

Limited Web Shop availability:

  • May 27th, 2016 ~ June 15th, 2016


While other imps work the Trading Post, Daru broke the mold by having a sweet ride, his scooter! Daru is an imp unlike any other, traveling around Erinn and sight seeing while on his scooter is his favorite thing to do. Despite his cute looks, Daru has traveled across the harshest barrens Erinn has to offer.

While traveling under the hot, blazing sun, Daru happened upon someone who seemed exhausted from their travels. Noticing his empty sidecar, Daru offered the stranger a ride. The pair then traveled all over various harsh landscapes together, becoming fast friends.

With Daru's special scooter, nothing could stop them! However, the traveler had to continue his journey and Daru's sidecar was left empty once more. While Daru cannot forget his first traveling companion, he is looking forward to new adventures!

Daru has his sights set on you, a legendary Milletian whose tales are told far and wide! This imp with love for the open road is excited to explore all of Erinn with you![1]