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| 3
| 3
| [[Golden Experience Fruit (500%)]] x2
| [[Golden Experience Fruit (500%)]] x2
| NoExpire, AccountBound
| NoExpire, Account Bound
| 4
| 4

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Server Merge Celebration New Beginnings New Encounters Event

Celebrate the Server Merge with various events and goodies![1]

New Beginnings, New Encounters Event

June 3rd, 2019 - June 19th, 2019
  • Login during the event duration to receive the event quest: 'The Excitement of a Fresh Start'.
  • Speak to NPC Annie in Dunbarton to select a main character for the event (must be cumulative level 30).
    • Annie has 2 conversation options: "Start Conversation" and "New Beginnings".
      • To progress the event, players were intended to converse with "New Beginnings" option. However, this was incorrectly implemented and this option is a dead end.
        • To progress the event, players should select the "Start Conversation" option.
  • After selecting a main character, you will receive the event quest, 'New Beginnings, New Encounters'.
  • Each day, log in for 36 cumulative minutes to complete the daily quest objective and receive an item reward from the below list!
    • Note: Cumulative time resets if you log off or change channels.
  • Daily log in time resets at 12:00 AM PDT.
  • When the quest is completed, you will receive the Everyday Outfit Selection Box.

Rewards List

Day Reward Item Rules
1 Full Recovery Potion x5 NoExpire
2 Nao Soul Stone x3 NoExpire, TradeLimit1
3 Golden Experience Fruit (500%) x2 NoExpire, Account Bound
4 Unlimited Shadow Mission Pass NoExpire, TradeLimit1
5 Unrestricted Dungeon Pass NoExpire, TradeLimit1
6 Rusty Hammer of Proficiency NoExpire, TradeLimit1
7 Complete Skill EXP Potion (1 Day)(Event) NoExpire, Character Bound
8 Combat 2x EXP Potion (2 hrs.) NoExpire, TradeLimit1
9 Lucky Blue Upgrade Stone NoExpire, TradeLimit1
10 Everyday Sneakers FullyTradable
11 Lucky Red Upgrade Stone NoExpire, TradeLimit1
12 Spirit Liqueur of Blessing NoExpire, TradeLimit1
13 Warm-up Gesture Card FullyTradable
14 Perfect Free Repair Kit NoExpire, TradeLimit1
15 Receiver of Nao's Blessing Title Coupon TradeLimit1

[Event] The Excitement of a Fresh Start

How to Get Quest

Log in during the Server Merge Celebration New Beginnings New Encounters Event

Briefing ??
  • Talk to Annie in Dunbarton to select a main character.
Rewards ??

[Event] New Beginnings, New Encounters

How to Get Quest

Select a main character for the Server Merge Celebration New Beginnings New Encounters Event

Briefing Open your heart to welcome new people in! There's no need to be shy or timid, at least not here in Erinn.

- Annie -

Rewards Everyday Outfit Selection Box