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**[[Faded Fragment]]
**[[Faded Fragment]]
**[[Geas Edge Crystal]]
**[[Geas Edge Crystal]]
**[[Evil Eye Slate]]
*Tech Duinn Mission Passes
*Tech Duinn Mission Passes
**Awakened Abyssal Lord (Elite)
**Awakened Abyssal Lord (Elite)

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For other missions, see Category: Tech Duinn Missions.

Temporary Order of Black Moon Icon.png
Mission Information
Time Limit Unknown
Party Count 1~4
Quest Board Location Tech Duinn

More and more soldiers are coming back from the fog lands with strange symptoms.

<Character>, do you feel any different? I've heard it's much like having a long, awful nightmare. They said they saw a horrible statue in the temple, glaring at them. They would phase from place to place, until they could no longer tell dream from reality. The accounts vary, but every nightmare ends with a vision of the Grim Reaper. Someone present seems to summon the image, but no one can make out their identity. Though only a dream, the experience leaves lasting pain on the dreamer. A figure that summons the Grim Reaper, wielding a scythe... <Character>, you can probably guess who this is. He must be trying to stop us! Since only those who've explored Tech Duinn suffer from these symptoms, he must have worked some trickery on the entrance to the place. We have to do sometime about this before the situation gets worse. We have to stop the source of these nightmares... And we might be able to get to the source using the power of the Geata.




  • Battle the Black Moon Followers in six areas, and destroy the Evil Eye Monolith located in each one. After clearing the sixth, the party will continue to the boss. There are three different areas, which they can be encountered twice.
    • Lava Fields: Defeat a large amount of Black Moon Followers while dodging intermittent lava fields. After all the Followers are defeated, destroy the Evil Eye Monolith.
    • Cleric: Defeat seven white-robed clerics before they reach the Evil Eye Monolith, then destroy the Monolith. If a cleric reaches the Monolith, the party will take heavy damage.
    • Salamander: Defeat Black Moon Followers to spawn Salamanders. Defeat the Salamanders and use the Lava Lumps they drop to weaken Evil Eye Monolith, then destroy the Monolith.
  • EXP and Gold is rewarded for clearing each area:
    • At Normal, 34,000 EXP and 5,000 Gold is given.
    • At Advanced, ? EXP and ? Gold is given.
    • At Elite, ? EXP and ? Gold is given.


  • Have one party member activate the Monolith on their own while the rest of the party stays back and reacts accordingly.
  • Pets cannot be summoned during this mission.
  • Players outside of the mission cannot use an Advanced Phoenix Feather to revive anyone within.
  • Certain changes occur based on the difficulty chosen:
    • More mobs spawn according to the difficulty.
    • Black Moon Clerics spawn alongside Cethlenn on Elite when Cethlenn has low HP. These Clerics will buff Celthenn, but can be targeted to debuff him.
    • Salamanders and the Lava Lumps it drops despawn faster against the difficulty chosen.
    • More Lava Lumps are required to weaken the Monolith's shield on higher difficulties.
  • Lava Fields:
    • The Followers will spawn in multiple waves, so it may be easier to stay out of aggro range of the Followers and allow then to spawn all at once and use wide area attack skills to defeat them quickly.
  • Clerics:
  • Salamander:
    • After a Salamander is defeated, it leaves behind a large lava circle that will very quickly damage the player, with the Lava Lump in the center of it. Use Anchor Rush to quickly jump to the Lava Lumps if possible.
      • Mana Shield is strongly recommended when attempting to pick up Lava Lumps in order to mitigate damage from the lava circle.
      • Alternatively, lava circles deal magic damage. Increasing your magic defenses with multiple buffs, such as by using Magic Dampening with Shield of Trust, can make the lava circle damage far less effective at killing your player.
    • Skills that pull enemies closer to each other, such as Act 6: Crisis and Death Mark, can help AoE attacks deal damage across multiple enemies at a time, e.g. Judgment Blade, Thunder, Fireball, Chain Sweep, Spinning Slasher.
      • The bleed effect of Elemental Attunement from fire based weapons can be used in tandem to help deal fixed damage.


Map is not available for this mission


Monster Spawn Patterns