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Shopmaster's Key

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For the customer version, see Placard.
For more information, see Marketplace Channel.


Inventory icon of Shopmaster's Key

1 × 1

A shop owner-exclusive item that allows you to be instantly transported to the front of your shop.
To remove it from your inventory, right-click the item and select 'Destroy'.


  • Shopmaster's Keys, formerly and concurrently also known as Magic House Keys, are a shop owner's reobtainable Marketplace Channel teleportation item.
  • Right click the keys and select "use" to be given the option to move to your Marketplace Shop.
    • Shopmaster's Keys can only be used once.
    • Keys can be used inside of the Marketplace Channel.
    • Using a Shopmaster's Keys outside the Marketplace Channel will create a one-time use Return Ticket that will teleport the character to their original location.
      • Return Tickets will expire after 3 hours.
      • You may have more than one Return Ticket, but Return Tickets do not label where they send you.
  • Shopmaster's Keys never expire.
  • You can only have one Shopmaster's Key at a time.

Methods to Obtain

  • Shopmaster's Keys are given by the Shop Brownie that manages the shop (located directly in the center of any Marketplace Shop).